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Is Young Ma Rapper Pregnant? Controversy Behind Lesbian Rapper Pregnancy?

by Jennifer George
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Is Young Ma Rapper Pregnant? Controversy Behind Lesbian Rapper Pregnancy?

Is the lesbian Young Ma rapper pregnant? Many people are curious to know about the pregnancy news of celebrities. Either they create a rumor or just pass a statement by looking at someone healthy. However, the news of the lesbian rapper’s pregnancy was not confirmed. Till now there is no confirmation.

Through her Instagram, it was confirmed that there is no pregnancy. She is currently enjoying her vacation with her girlfriend Kaylah Gooden.

Furthermore, in this article, we go through her celebrity life and look into the pregnancy controversy of Young Ma.

Young Ma Rapper Pregnant| Who is She?

Katorah Marreco is famously known for her controversy “Young ma rapper pregnant” which started to circulate on November 2, 2022. Marreco started rapping at the age of 9. From there her stage name became Young Ma. Moreover, she became famous with her two hit singles Ooouuu and Hot Sauce. Furthermore, it was an adult-content video.

Due to her love for rap and hardcore music, she was awarded Forbes Hip Hop Cash Princes in 2017. It was the efforts of Young Ma that she put into her rap and music.

Once in an interview, he talked about becoming a parent.

“Absolutely,” “Yeah, I’ma be married by then. … I want a boy. … I want a boy first and then a girl. That’s it. I don’t wanna OD. The set is complete. I’d rather a boy first.”

Young Ma Rapper

Further he added:

“I told my girl this I said, ‘I rather a boy first because he’ll be the one taking care of his little sister.’ And he gotta hold her down ’cause that’s how [it] was with me. My brother was … My big brother, Rest in peace. And then my mom had me … So, he made sure I was straight even though I learned from him, at the same time, it made me thorough.”

Young Ma Rapper

Also these statement shows that Young Ma wants to be a parent and also that he love kids.

“Of course my girl is the one that’s going to be pregnant. That’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh. … Y’all bored lol but I get it. … Sell ya stories and we workin’ on one now,”

Young Ma Rapper

Is Young Ma a Lesbian?

Yes, this is true that Young Ma is lesbian. She came out publically when she was 18 years old. Since then she has been rapping positively and in favor of lesbian couples.  

Is Young Ma Rapper Pregnant? Controversy Behind Lesbian Rapper Pregnancy?
Young Ma Rapper Pregnant

Early Life of Young Ma? How Did She Started Her Rapping Career?

Katorah Marrero was born on 3rd April 1992. She grew up in East New York. Later, they shifted to Chesterfield, Virginia. Marrero was raised by a single parent. Her father was arrested one she was 1 year old. Later he was released when she was 11.

Her mother and uncle were great rappers. However, they never chose it as a career. Looking up to them Young Ma started to write rhymes in her notebook. From childhood, she was a football and basketball lover.

Her mother gifted her Air Jordan clothing and shoes. At the age of 16, she got into a rap group named Moneymakers.

Marrero’s Brother’s Death Led her to Depression.

Everything was going fine in Marrero’s family. They were living happily in their home. However, in 2009 Young Ma lost her brother. She loved him as a father. After his death, she went into depression.

Later, she attended therapy sessions to help her overcome her trauma.

Is Young Ma Rapper Pregnant with Girlfriend Kaylah Gooden?

Fans were surprised and considered that the Young Ma rapper pregnant. He posted his picture with a round belly. Everyone thought that she was pregnant. However, after that, he was rarely seen online on social media platforms.

Due to this people thought that she was in her new phase of life and preparing for it.

However, getting into someone’s personal life is not good. You should be happy for anyone and everyone who has embraced this beautiful phase of life.

If we talk about Young Ma she isn’t pregnant it was all a false rumor.

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Recently he went to the hospital which was mistaken for her pregnancy. However, it turned out:

As many of my supporters know, I’ve been dealing with various personal health issues for the last few years. I recently was hospitalized and was successfully treated for several conditions. I’m doing better now, will take some time but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future!!!

“Rest assured I’m in good spirits and everything will be explained in the MUSIC … plus a documentary. Love y’all MAB! Don’t worry I’m good!

Young Ma Rapper


To conclude I would say that the rumor about Young Ma Rapper Pregnant was completely false. She is living her life enjoying herself with her girlfriend Kaylah Gooden. Moreover, she is a rapper, artist, singer, and composer.

Also, she has been under the limelight more often for being a gay or you can say lesbian. Most of her raps even talk about the rights of gays. She is very vocal about the lesbian relationship.

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