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What is love Bombing? Signs, Stages & Dangerous Tactics.

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What is Love Bombing? It is a form of emotional abuse in which a person manipulates another with big gestures. Hence, the presents, compliments, and devotion that a “love bomber” may “bomb” at you are not set generously. Instead, they utilize love bombing to control the relationship by making a partner, friend, or relative dependent on them.

A healthy relationship must go through many additional stages before it can flourish. Therefore, Love is a difficult thing that requires effort, dedication, and investment.

So, if the bond is initially on fire but something just does not feel right, consider what might be overwhelming you. Are you the receiver of extravagant gifts? Do you feel under pressure to move things along and make the two of you exclusive? Does your partner become upset when you spend time with other people, or are you losing out of time with friends and relatives? If any of these apply to you, you might be the victim of a love bombing, which is a kind of psychological and emotional abuse.

Continue reading the trending article to know what is love bombing, whether is it similar to genuine love what causes these love bombers to attack and what are the signs of it.

What Is Love Bombing? Is It Similar To The Genuine Love?

The act of repeatedly “bombing” someone with flattery, praise, and affection is the “love bombing.” Moreover, gift-giving, wordy communications, social media contacts, and fervent confessions of love are some examples. People experiencing NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) frequently engage in these behaviors.

Early on in a relationship, a person who feels love bombed will typically be overcome by their partner’s eagerness to talk about their future together. The individual being “love bombed” may express their feelings for that person incessantly. Thus, the spouse may even assert their love for or that they are their “soul mate” for the other person. However, the partner rarely acts out of humanity because they want to benefit from their hopelessly loving expressions. Whether they be domination, success, or undying admiration.

On the contrary, true love usually starts milder and continues over time. A person who professes love for another will honor their words, commitments, and deeds. Even while they might not always give you things, when they do, they will be heartfelt, considerate, and genuine.

What Types of Love Bombing Are There?

Further, we will examine the phases of love bombing now.


What makes love bombing so satisfying? So, you are brushed off your feet by love bombers. The chemical dopamine that makes you feel good that your brain releases, is lovely to be overwhelmed with.

In the words of Dr. Amy E. Keller, PsyD, MFT,

“It feels great when a new potential love interest starts sexting you or bombards you with texts, calls, and flowers.”

Dr. Amy E. Keller, PsyD, MFT

But a love bomber typically doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. Idealization occurs in the initial stage. They appear to view you as superior. Although they idealize you too early, this may appear flattering. In fact, it seems like everything happens too rapidly.

The Devaluing

During the second stage, known as the devaluation stage, one of the betraying indicators that your love bombed happens. Your lover switches back and forth between being kind and harsh. They are smart enough to display their love openly so that others will think well of them. However, they become hostile, especially in private.

What is love Bombing? Signs, Stages & Dangerous Tactics-Spademagazines

These people have a remarkable talent for spotting the weak. For instance, they will prey on people who have just experienced divorce, a breakup, or poor self-esteem.

The Rejection

Your spouse may try to evade responsibility by refusing to cooperate and compromise. Or by ending the relationship, when you address them about their damaging behavior or attempt to reestablish healthy boundaries. You can feel lost, bewildered, or as though you were unable to make things right after this.

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What Are The Common Love Bombing Signs In a Relationship?

The symptoms of love bombing can differ from individual to individual. Still, it’s usually an unwelcome extravagant gesture that could make you feel uneasy at first, not just appreciated. Love bombing can manifest in a variety of ways, such as:

Extravagant expressions of admiration or love:

Frequently, bombers express their affection for you and compliment you before you are ready for a relationship. They can also enjoy extravagant demonstrations of devotion in public and make demands on your attention.

Calling and Texting Constantly to Check:

Furthermore, your partner may disregard your schedule and show disrespect for your time by texting or calling you frequently to check-in. They could get annoyed if you do not answer when they express their “concern” for you.

Pushing into a relationship:

Early on in a relationship, they might have serious intentions for the future. Another option for a love bomber is to hurry into a serious relationship before you get to know them or to claim that you are their soulmate.

Giving lavish or inappropriate items:

A love bomber can buy extravagant or unwanted gifts to give the impression that they care about you and want what is best for you. Yet, these presents could be excessive, and a love bombing will keep bringing them up to you like a debt.

Ignoring Boundaries:

The other person always appears to say the perfect thing, yet compliments come off as overly enthusiastic. Besides, they might also show an excessive amount of interest in your comforts and achievements.

Why Are Love Bombs So Terrifying?

Because it might be difficult to identify, love bombing might prove to be very harmful. We all know that the beginning of a new relationship may be exciting and joyful. Therefore, the release of positive emotions including serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and norepinephrine is also demonstrated by studies on the subject.

As a result, it can be challenging to tell the difference between love bombing and the giddy sense of falling in love. We generally want to savor the excitement of a brand-new romance. To prevent becoming vulnerable to future abuse from love bombs, it is crucial to recognize the crucial warning indicators.

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Individuals with a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder frequently employ the manipulative technique of “love bombing” to take charge of a relationship. Nevertheless, you can be “love bombed” by friends, relatives, or romantic partners if they show you excessive amounts of affection, compliment you excessively, or give you continual attention.

Also, your sense of love and dependence on that person increases as a result of their behavior, which they will utilize against people to isolate and dominate you. A relationship may experience love bombing quickly before deteriorating into a toxic and destructive one over time.

In a relationship, establishing boundaries can help you avoid unintended love bombing. Hence, you can learn how to understand your emotions and how to build a good connection by visiting a therapist.

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