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Unblocked Games by Ben: Play Online Games for Free

by Jennifer George
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Unblocked Games by Ben: Play Online Games for Free

If you are looking for a free website to play online games, I have one good recommendation for you. Those are unblocked games by Ben. 

On this platform, you will find games that are free to play. Moreover, the website doesn’t require any sign-up or downloading. Furthermore, the games on this platform are suitable for children and adults.

Unblocked games are informative as well as interesting to play. The following categories of games are available: action, adventure, racing, strategy, and puzzles.

In this article, we will discuss more about the platform. Moreover, we will uncover the topic of popular games, benefits, and methods to play Unblocked Games.

What are Unblocked Games by Ben? 

You must have heard about unblocked games 66 or 99. But this is something different from unblocked games by Ben. Isn’t it? 

So let me tell you that this website is named after a programmer named Ben. He developed this site where people can enjoy their favorite games without any hassle. Moreover, he belongs to the United Kingdom. 

The platform has different categories to choose from, such as 

  • Adventure 
  • Racing
  • Arcade
  • Gaming
  • Puzzles
  • Mind Game

If you ask me what my favorite game is, I would say 8-ball pool. I love to play snooker. And I easily beat my friends in the end. 

If you ask me how playing games is beneficial, Let me tell you that not all games are for spoiling the kids. Some are actually good to play. 

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Benefits of Playing Unblocked Games

If you think that playing games is not a good habit or a waste of time, let me tell you that playing games for a short period of time in a day is not bad. It refreshes your mind. Moreover, here are some more amazing benefits. 

  • Open your mind to new starters. 
  • Playing in groups helps you build relationships.
  • Create focus and balance between your eyes and hands.
  • Multitasking 
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Strategic analysis

Now, if you are eagerly waiting to play, let me help you start. 

How to Play Unblocked Games by Ben 

It is a very simple and easy way to start playing unblocked games by Ben. You just need to open Google and write the name of the site. 

Now, you need to select the game of your choice and start playing. Surely, you will enjoy playing these games. Moreover, all the games are very easy to understand. If you still have some issues. You can look out for tutorials. They explain everything in that. 

Sometimes your mouse is enough for playing. But sometimes you need a keyboard for arrows. For example, bike racing requires keys for a left-right turn. 

I know you are having a lot of difficulty choosing a game and start exploring. Here, I would like to share with you my recommendation that you may like it too regarding unblocked games

What to Play on Unblocked Games?

Chess: As an introvert, I love to play games that are calm and quiet most of the time. Moreover, games that require your strategic skills are my favorites. So, playing chess is kind of my free-time hobby. 

Word Search: another one from my list. It helps me to create new words and understand their meaning. Moreover, it is beneficial for me in my life too. 

Memory Watch: You must have heard about it. In this game, you have to remember the cards that are the same. And then you have to match them. This is something the game makes my memory stronger

Maze Mania: This is a game that requires a mixture of critical thinking and problem-solving. You have to find a way to exit from the right door. Going through a puzzle. 

Let me know if you like my recommendations or not by commenting. Also, I have an observation that may help you while playing. So give it a read too. 

Tips and Tricks to Play the Game and Win

Here are some easy tips for you to follow: This is not compulsory but it will help you enjoy the game and every bit of it. 

  • Keep calm and play the game to have fun. 
  • Don’t rush to finish the level and jump onto another. 
  • For more fun, try to play with your friends or family members.
  • Always try to play new games. Thus, you can enjoy new games every time. 
  • Don’t get frustrated if you are stuck in one place. 

If there is some issue while playing a game on the browser, Here is a page that may help you play easily.

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Infrexa Games | Unblocked Games by Ben

Here is a page for you that will help you access the game. Infrexa Games is available on this platform for free. 

You don’t need to download or sign up. Moreover, the page allows you to share your thoughts. Provide feedback through the forum and pages. 

Furthermore, if you still have some issues, try using a VPN. Run your game while using a virtual private network. Still, if it doesn’t work, Contact the help service available for unblocked games on the Ben website. 


I believe that you have much liked the platform-unblocked games by Ben. The platform has games like adventure, arcade, racing, puzzles, and starter games. 

They are free to play. No download or sign-up is required. Also, as per my recommendation, I have suggested some mind-relaxing games like chess, word search, and memory watch. 

Let me know by commenting if you have any suggestions for what type of game I should play apart from the ones mentioned above. 

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