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All You Need to Know About Tantric Yoga, Its Exercises, and Practices.

by Jennifer George
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All You Need to Know About Tantric Yoga, Its Exercises, and Practices.

What is meant by tantric yoga? The word “tantra” means “to weave or loom.” Later in today’s generation, the word was defined as “device or technique.” So, if we summarize the idea behind tantric yoga it means a yoga that brings together different types of techniques like meditation, mudras, visualization, and looking into the inner universe of a human body.

Moreover, in this article, we talk about what are the benefits of tantric yoga, and how it differs from the old traditional yoga and tantric s*x. Furthermore, we discuss the reasons to practice this yoga and different postures to improve your mental health. Also, different tantra poses for couples.

What is Tantric Yoga and What are Its Benefits to Human Body?

If we talk about tantric yoga in short it is the spiritual relief in the human body. Moreover, the tantrika (a person who is professional in tantras) explained beautifully what it means.

Once Piper said:

“This isn’t about toning the body or getting a workout.”


Also, he added that:

“Tantric yoga is about being purposeful with your breath, embodiment, and making love with your own body.”


Benefits of Tantric Yoga in Daily Life

If we talk about the benefits of doing yoga then you will be shocked to know how beneficial it is to the human body and how it helps you spiritually. Take a look at these benefits of tantra.

  • Boost your immunity system.
  • Reduce any sort of physical pain in the body.
  • Release your stress hormones.
  • Boost your sexual life.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • An inner look into your spiritual human body world.

How Tantric Yoga is Different from Old Traditional Yoga?

Every yogi has its sequence of yoga practice. However, the positions, meditations, and chakra work are the same. Jackendoff a yoga teacher explained the importance of practicing yoga rather than focusing on position and said:

“In one tantra yoga [practice] you might hold Downward-Facing Dog while concentrating on the throat pit (a chakra point) [and] mentally repeating a mantra and visualizing energy move through your body with your breath. In another, you might not.”


Furthermore, the lady behind “Yoga with Piper” said that the tantric yoga class should have these five positions necessarily.

  • Twists
  • Inversions
  • Side Bends
  • Forward Folds
  • Backbends

However, in traditional yoga, this is not mandatory to have these five yoga poses.

How Tantric Yoga Is Related to Tantric S*x?

Tantric yoga and Tantric s*x are two different branches of tantric yoga. Moreover, they are also called Red Tantra and White Tantra. Red tantra refers to sexual relations. Moreover, white tantra means a solo practice to enhance your spirituality with yoga and meditation.

White tantra is performed to connect with your spirituality with your inner self. Likewise, red tantra is performed to create a stronger and deeper bond with a partner in sexual relations.

Piper explained the difference as:

“Red tantra is your opportunity to bring everything you’ve learned in your solo practice into an exchange with a lover,”


Furthermore, you can perform the tantra alone or with someone as per your preferences.   

All You Need to Know About Tantric Yoga, Its Exercises, and Practices.

Why Do We Need to Perform Tantric Yoga? Is It Helpful?

As mentioned above that what are the benefits of tantra now we discuss in detail how it affects your body in a better way.

  • Lower Blood Pressure Level

Doing any sort of yoga the body will release stress hormones and helps you to lower your blood pressure. Moreover, the release of hormones helps you to lower the memory loss issue.    

  • Spiritual Detox

Spiritual detox means the spiritual connection between the body and humans. Moreover, it creates a strong feeling of internal peace and encouragement.

  • Helps You to Fight With Anxiety and Depression

If you perform yoga regularly your pituitary gland releases hormones that help you to fight with anxiety and depression. Moreover, breathing helps you to release tension and mental stress.

  • Increase in Body Flexibility

Due to working and sitting continuously for hours your back and muscles get stiff. It releases stress from your muscles and joints from stretching. Also, performing yoga poses can increase the blood flow in the body.

  • Better Sexual Life

Tantric yoga can be performed solo or with a partner. Also, it’s a healthy activity to keep your bond stronger and sexually active. While practicing your mind and body are synced and you connect spiritually.

  • Strong Focus on Inner Human Body

When you practice yoga in silence with no noise and no other disturbance it cut you off from the outside world. This helps you to connect with your inner human body. Like you just focus on how you breathe, how it travels from every organ of your body, and how it relaxes you from head to toe.

Different Poses to Practice for Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga helps you to create a balance in your life. Moreover, in simple words, it means creating an inner spiritual balance between your emotions and learning to live with the reality of life. Furthermore, to get you started here are some poses that you must try.

  • The Mountain

In mountain exercise first of all you need to stand straight with your palm facing forward and your hips feet apart. This exercise is done in an alternative way if your right hand is facing forward lift your lower abdomen from the left side. Most importantly focus on your breathing. While lowering your abdomen exhale the breath and hold tightly on your navel. 

  • Warrior Pose

In the warrior pose you need to take out one of your feet at least 3 feet. The other foot should be pointing in the 12 o’clock position. Make sure your knee is aligned with your heel. Both of your hands should be together joined above the navel. When you exhale take your hand up slowly. Hold your breath. Upon releasing slowly bring your hands down.

  • Chair Pose

The chair pose is the same as a warrior pose in this case you just need to hold your hand above the navel and slowly bend down until your stomach touches your knees. Slowly get up from the position and exhale.

Precautionary Measures While You Perform Yoga

  • Make sure there is a padded mat when you perform tantra yoga.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Stop if you feel any pressure or pain in your muscles or joints.
  • Take advice from a professional before taking any exercise if you are pregnant.
All You Need to Know About Tantric Yoga, Its Exercises, and Practices.

Tantric Yoga Poses for Couples to Have Stronger Intimacy and Connection

  • Boat Poses

To perform a boat pose with your partner sit down and face each other. Next, join your feet with your partner and hold hands. Make sure to have eye contact with each other. While performing you will feel a connection physically and mentally. Also, it develops closeness and intimacy.

  • Dancer’s Pose

This pose should be done solo. Because this pose requires balance. One person will bend down and touch their ankle with the other hand. On the contrary, the other person will help the other one in balancing. 

  • Yab Yum

In this pose the person who is larger will sit on the floor the other one will sit on their thighs and ankle crossed behind your partner’s back. Moreover, this pose strengthens your core. In the end, slowly bring your foreheads close and gently touch with each other.

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From this article, we see how tantric yoga helps to boost the immune system of the human body, reduce stress and anxiety, and most importantly gives you spiritual relief. Moreover, it helps you to have a great sexual life if you practice tantra with your spouse and partner.

The tantra yoga poses will help you to have a great physical connection with your partner mentally and physically and will boost your sexual life.

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