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What Are The Coolest Summer Nails Trend In 2023?

by Charlotte Isabella
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What Are The Coolest Summer Nails Trend In 2023?

Celebrity manicure designs went viral in 2022 and were a significant one for the summer nails trend. In addition, the most in-demand manicurists transitioned into full-fledged influencers. So what can we expect from the year 2023?

There is a big selection of current nail trends available to us. Some offer the best nail paint shades for summer to enhance your lifestyle. While others let you, you forego the salon and use a press-on instead. Also, there are some nontoxic nail paint for you if you’re concerned about that.

Even there is a little something for every taste and level of talent, ranging from subtle gradients and designs. However, chrome is still hot this season, so checkerboard nails and seasonally suitable neon’s.

Read on for a comprehensive list of all the summer nails trend that beauty enthusiasts around the world will be adopting. Yet, these manicure trends, which range from low-maintenance looks to elegant nail accessories, are going to rule your Instagram feed in 2023.

Chrome Is a Big Deal In Summer Nails Trend 2023

Brighter, more flamboyant, and more whimsical manicure designs are often associated with the warmer months. While the summer nails trend of 2023 will be no different, we are taking it a step further by adding a colorful touch everywhere we can. That is true, over a few months; sparkling and brilliant nails became trendy.

Continue reading and get to know the most promising summer nails trend of this year.

Subtle Chroming

Chrome does not always imply bling. Thus, Harriet Westmoreland, an OPI global ambassador, says that Chrome, but not as you know it, will be popular in 2023. Meanwhile, highlighting the shade’s mature development. By layering, chrome over opaque and sheer base colors, Westmoreland gives nails a shiny, healthy appearance.

Dazzling Disco, a chrome-topped opaque design is a fresh spin on the summer’s glazed doughnut nail trend. Which got popular with Hayley Bieber’s ultra-shiny manicure. Consider a milky color with chrome on top for a glazed, glossy look.

Mermaid Style Chrome

Mermaid Core is still popular because of the Little Mermaid movie. Moreover, chrome has not disappeared since glazed donut nails first appeared. The finest of both worlds is in this teal and purple metallic combination.

Metal Claws

Also, this summer, “Glazed Donut Nails” will receive a daring revamp as “Chrome Nails” enter our newsfeeds. While Chrome Nails employ brighter, more opaque colors beneath the metallic lacquer. Even Glazed Donut Nails use lighter colors with a metallic sheen. Here are some nail designs with colors that we are currently into.

A minimalist aesthetic

After a period of extreme grooming and maintenance in lockdown, the trend for healthy-looking hair emerged. Now, the nail industry is following suit. In 2023, you can expect to see simple manicures that highlight healthy. Along with flawless nails that have been polished to perfection.

“Shades like OPI’s Bubble Bath and Love Is In The Bare are perfect for clean, simple nails,” says manicurist Iram Shelton. Further, these hues enhance the summer nails trend while concealing flaws for a neat, groomed, and healthy appearance. Somehow, it is sorted low-maintenance daily nails.

Barely present French

In 2023, French manicures are even more popular than they were in 2018. For 2023, French manicures are “barely there, very thin, and natural,” according to Westmoreland.

What Are The Coolest Summer Nails Trend In 2023?

Consider the barely perceptible, delicate white tips that give hands and nails an elegant, costly look. Whereas, these little strokes are also used in reverse French, which is equally effective and straightforward.

Nail Jewelry

In the 2023 summer nails trend, nail piercings and other items with a jewelry-inspired aesthetic will be popular. Longer nails will take the place of the shorter ones that were popular in 2022; they are ideal for piercing and look stunning with hanging diamante embellishments. To maintain the attention on those accessories, pair them with a plain, uncomplicated manicure.

Aqua Nails

Since the ombre effect can integrate a variety of colors. And the pattern works on all nail lengths. Therefore, aura nails have been popular for some time.

Through the design of your aura nails, you can express your vibe.

Do you feel loved and kind? Decide on a pink aura.

Do you want everyone to know how charismatic and self-assured you are? Your perfect nail color is yellow.

Using an airbrush gun, nail professionals apply a circle to each nail to create the aura nail effect. They allowed the initial layer to dry before spraying again to create a more opaque circle.

Decorative Accents

In the summer nails trend of 2023, “nail bling” receives a facelift as we bid farewell to garishly embellished nails covered in rhinestones and say hello to pearl, silver, and gold charms. Check out some of our favorite adorned nail art here:

Miniature French Nails

It is the hipper, younger sister of the traditional French manicure with an incredibly fine tip. In addition, according to Bella Cures salon nail tech Hayley Dang, “instead of a classic white tip, many are reaching for vibrant neon’s, and show-stopping pastels to match their summer vibes.”


Yes, using color in the summer nails trend is not exactly novel. Nevertheless, switching to more vivid color tones is a classic move for a reason. Besides, they can evoke a feeling of excitement and ease that is more in keeping with summer than the more ombre-deep tones.

The typical color suspects, including colors of orange and pink that resemble the setting sun, are particularly prevalent this summer. More unexpected successes like soft lavender and deep blue are also on the menu. However, do not just believe what we say.

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