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What is Snapchat Plus? | Benefits, Features, and Subscription

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What is Snapchat Plus? | Benefits, Features, and Subscription

If you are a frequent Snapchat user, you must have seen Snapchat Plus, aka Snapchat +, whenever you click on your picture. If you have seen it, then I am sure you are very curious to know about the new feature. 

Snapchat+ was introduced to provide its users with new customized features for a better user experience. However, it’s a paid subscription. 

Also, till now, the trending features are not accessible to simple Snapchat users. It is customized for people who only get a subscription. 

What are Snapchat Plus Features and What do they Include? 

  • Best Friend Forever Pin: you can pin your best friend at the top of your chat. If you can’t locate your best friend, simply, your friend with a red heart emoji is your best friend. 
  • Rewatch Any Story: This is the coolest feature of Snapchat Plus. Some people are curious to see how many people have viewed their story, not just once or twice. So this feature tells you how many times a person has looked at your story. 
  • Unique Snapchat Icons: Snapchat + has introduced 30 unique icons for its users to choose from. Moreover, they are adding more icons in the future for better user appearance. 
  • Customized Wallpaper and Theme: are you one of those who love to customize their chat with everyone through unique wallpaper and themes? I will do it. So for people like us, SnapChat+ has introduced a feature that allows their users to set unique wallpapers and themes for their chats. 
  • Snapchat + Badges: are you fond of being in the limelight? If it’s a yes, then you would love to know that to make you appear as a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you will get a star with your name on Snapchat. This will indicate to other users that you are a part of the Plus community and using pre-release features already. 
  • Snapchat Solar Family: To understand this, you must learn the solar system first. For a second, if you thought I was serious, please don’t. I was joking. This feature of Snapchat+ is based on the concept of the solar system. It tells how a person is close to you. And then they are named according to planets. For example, the closest planet to Earth is Mars. So, you are Earth, and your closest friend of yours will appear as Mars. 
  • Priority Story Reply: If you are thinking that replying is common on simple Snapchat and Snapchat +, here is a slight difference that you need to know. When you reply to any of your friends, then your name will appear on top with a star because you are a Plus community member. 
  • Post View Emoji: If I talk about myself, I eagerly wait for some special people to see my snap. But I need to check again and again by opening the Snapchat app to see if they have seen it or not. However, with a Plus subscription, you don’t need to do that. You can add an emoji called the post view emoji, which will appear on your screen when the person has viewed your snap or story. 
  • Bitmoji Background: Nobody loves to stick to one display picture. You love to change your DP after a week or month. So, in Snapchat, however, you cannot change your DP, but they give you options to change your bitmoji. Also, you can change it every day or every week through a Snapchat Plus subscription. 
What is Snapchat Plus? | Benefits, Features, and Subscription
Snapchat Plus
  • Customized Story Time: in simple Snapchat, your story appears for 24 hours. However, in Plus, you can set your story expiration time yourself. It’s up to you how long you want it to be on the feed. 
  • Colorful Borders: Snapchat Plus allows you to add colorful borders around your pictures. Isn’t this such a cool feature? I am going for it. This makes for a cool look for all my snaps and pictures. 
  • Unique Notification Sounds: Do you want to set a customized sound for your special ones? Like whenever they reply to your snap or message, you just get a hint that it’s him or her? So for this, you need to get a Snapchat+ subscription and set a custom notification sound. There are seven sounds that you can choose from. 
  • Snapscore Changer: In this feature, you can check the snap score of your friends and see how it has increased since you last saw it. 
  • Chat Wallpaper: set your chat wallpaper as you like it or according to your taste. There are various options to choose from. 
  • Boost Story: With this feature, you get a chance to boost your story for 24 hours. It gives you a chance to be #1. However, it is available once a week on Snapchat + subscription.
  • Map Appearance of Friends: If you want to see where your friend is ditching you or is busy, you can look at their location on the map. However, this feature only works if your friend’s live location is on. 
  • Replay Snaps Twice: in the SnapChat + subscription, you get a chance to replay the snap twice. 
  • Dark Mode Feature: Snapchat didn’t introduce its dark mode feature to simple users. However, in the Plus subscription, the theme is already included. 
  • Chat Effect: Sometimes you need to show politeness and anger through words. So this feature is a great use of it. You can customize your words. To enlarge the text, hold and drag until you want. 

I believe the long list of Snapchat Plus features has made you want to buy the subscription and use the pro-release features for a better experience. 

Also, let me know by commenting on which feature of the Plus subscription you liked more. 

Now I know your question would be, is it expensive? It must be due to its unique features. So let me answer your question about how economical the subscription charges are. 

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Subscription to Snapchat Plus | Charges and Accessible Countries 

Are you excited about the subscription charges to start your Snapchat Plus subscription? So here it is. The price for a subscription is $3.99 a month. 

However, every state has different pricing. So, please confirm before you buy the subscription. 

What is Snapchat Plus? | Benefits, Features, and Subscription
Snapchat Plus

If you are not sure if it is available in your country or not, Don’t worry, the below list is of 25 countries that have access to Snapchat + subscriptions. 

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  10. India
  11. Kuwait
  12. Qatar
  13. Oman
  14. Bahrain
  15. Egypt
  16. Israel
  17. Sweden
  18. Denmark
  19. Norway
  20. Netherlands
  21. Switzerland
  22. Ireland
  23. Belgium
  24. Finland
  25. Austria

Don’t get sad if your country is not listed. We believe that in the future, Snapchat will release this version in every state. 

How do I Subscribe to Snapchat+? 

I am damn sure that if you have come along with me till now, then you are now interested in buying the subscription. Isn’t it? 

If it’s a yes! I now welcome you to the Snapchat + family and take you along for the subscription method. 

  • Open Snapchat.
  • Click on your profile picture. 
  • A banner with a Snapchat+ subscription appears.
  • Click on it.
  • Choose the subscription and start your first 7-day free trial.
  • After you are done with the subscription, restart your app and enjoy your Snapchat Plus features. 
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I believe you must now be enjoying your Snapchat Plus subscription. If I am right, please let me know by commenting below. If you are in doubt, let me summarize how good the Plus subscription is.

The Snapchat + features include pin bff #1, locating your friends on a map, chat wallpaper, bitmoji background, story rewatch, Snapchat + badge, friend solar system, personal story time, and much more. 

In short, it’s an exclusive and pre-release function for a better user interface. 

For more information, visit Spademagazines.com.

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