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Roy Bryant Jr. | Murder Of Emmet Till’s 

by Jennifer George
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Roy Bryant Jr. | Murder Of Emmet Till’s

Roy Bryant Jr. son of Carolyn Bryant and Roy Bryant came into our eyes as a main suspect in Emmet Till Murder. We as a fan are always interested in our favorite celebrity’s life. Still, it seems unbelievable to know that Roy Bryant has killed a 14-year-old boy. 

Are you shocked? So am I. Let us go through the article and know what is the real story behind the murder, Roy Bryant Jr. biography, and his current life. 

What It Is To Know About Ryot Bryant Jr. and His Family?

Roy Bryant Jr. is the first-born son of Carolyn and Roy Sr. Moreover, he was born in Mississippi, Indianola, USA on June 12, 1952. As you can see, Roy Jr. was named after his father. Sadly, Roy Bryant died at the age of 44. 

Carolyn Bryant 

Carolyn is the biological mother of Roy Jr. She does not have any rich background. But, Carolyn was able to win two beauty shows. Even, though she was a school dropout; Carolyn managed to be a prominent face in the industry. 

However, what is the point of winning beauty contests when she got married later? Yes, Carolyn married Roy Bryant who was an ex-military soldier. 

Roy Bryant 

The Father of Roy Bryant Jr. was Roy Bryant. He was born on January 24, 1931. Also, Roy was born to Eula Morgan Bryant and Henry Ezra Bryant. Further, he lived in is United States of America in Money Town, Mississippi. 

Roy’s parents were migrants in Mississippi. Though, Roy Sr. had a dream to be in the police force and be a commando. Due to financial problems, he had to put up with a mechanic job. Then, he settled in the grocery business. 

It is human nature that when we cannot achieve our dreams, we get distracted in our journey. That was the case with Roy Bryant’s father. 

In the grocery business, he started to buy food stamps at regular rates. However, selling them back to the government had a high price. This greed cost him a lot. Thus, Roy got fined $750 and went to jail for three months. 

You already know if you keep making the same mistake it becomes a habit. So was the case with Roy Sr. He made the same mistake again and ended up being in jail for another eight months. 

All of the above-mentioned scenarios can trigger your mind towards Emmet Till’s murder. Now I am also considering that Bryant’s can do such a thing. Well, let us find out about the murder mystery. 

Roy Bryant Jr. | Murder Of Emmet Till’s
Roy Bryant Jr.

Does Roy Bryant Jr. Father Was Involved In The Murder Of Emmet Till?

You already know that Carolyn and Roy owned a grocery store. Besides, Roy Sr. used to work as a part-time driver to meet the ends of his family. In between their lives, one day Bryant’s family had to face an unfortunate event. 

It was a regular night at the grocery store. Emmet Till came to the store for buying gums and soda pop. Also, he came along with his friends and cousins. 

Nobody knows what exactly happened between Carolyn and Emmet. But his friends saw Carolyn running out of the store. Emmet thought she was going to get the gun. 

However, nothing happened and they left the store. Roy Bryant after coming back from work got to know about the incident. Still, the whole story was not clear. 

Later, police found the dead body of Emmet Till. That led to suspecting Roy Bryant and his brother of killing him. Further, they were in prison without any solid clues of murder. 

Hence, you can understand now how Roy Bryant Jr. father was in the murder case of Emmet. Yet, few sources mentioned that Emmet passed bad comments on to Carolyn on which she left the store. Some resources even mentioned that Roy and his brother admitted the crime of killing Emmet Till

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We have gained a lot of information about Roy Bryant Jr. and his family. Although, the life of Bryant’s was very simple and out of the sight of the public. Due to Emmet Till’s murder case, they had to face the consequences. 

Now the world is curious to know about Roy Bryant. Therefore, the information regarding their family is very little. The only thing you need to know is Emmet’s murder case is still not clear. No one knows if Roy Bryant is sentenced to death or alive now. 

If you want to share, any information regarding this case share it in the comment section. We are open to any sort of suggestions. Stay Tuned for more updates. 

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