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Patrick Magliocco | The Truth Behind His Wife’s Six Extramarital Affairs

by Jennifer George
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Patrick Magliocco | The Truth Behind His Wife’s Six Extramarital Affairs

The wife of Patrick Magliocco betrayed his husband over six of his coworkers. Besides, she had intercourse with some of her employees. The girl and her spouse were in an embarrassing predicament. 

An internal affairs investigation claims that the spouse of the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Tennessee police officer resigned for having sex with numerous officers. The La Vergne Police Department expressed serious reservations about his wife’s lax sexual morals.

In 2018, former La Vergne police officer Maegan Hall wed park ranger and law enforcement partner Jedidiah Hall. Up until 2022, when Maegan allegedly turned into a sex addict and started having extramarital encounters with Officer Patrick Magliocco, things seemed to be going well.

However, Jedidiah is a miserable group. He was going to find just how insane his wife was in the presence of her other officers. Let us say she desired to share private moments with her law enforcement colleagues. It became a hot topic around as if they were some celebrities.

Magliocco allegedly told investigators

“During a single event, Maegan Hall and Magliocco’s wife began kissing and Hall’s husband came in the vicinity and seemed irritated,”


according to an internal investigations document.

Magliocco asked about the husband’s reaction after the next shift because she assumed from Hall that her marriage was also open. Hall reportedly told Magliocco

“he truly wasn’t on board.”


Do Officer Patrick Magliocco and Maegan Hall Have an Extramarital Relationship?

Maegan Hall, a previous La Vergne police officer, wed Jedidiah Hall, the park ranger and former police officer, in 2018. Up until Maegan turned into a sex fiend in 2022, everything appeared to be going according to plan. She began seeing Officer Patrick Magliocco outside of her marriage.

When Jedidiah understood the full depth of his wife’s unpredictable behavior in front of her fellow officers, he discovered himself facing an unfortunate predicament. She had a strong desire to engage in sexual interactions with her law enforcement counterparts.

Did Magliocco’ s wife and Meagan Hall kiss?

In a document from internal affairs, Magliocco is thought to have told investigators:

“During a particular incident, Maegan Hall and Magliocco’s wife started kissing, and Hall’s partner joined the room and felt irritated.”


Patrick Magliocco asked Hall’s spouse about his thoughts on an open marriage after hearing them during their subsequent shift. According to reports, Hall reportedly told Magliocco

“he genuinely did not approve.”


Subsequently, Magliocco admitted to police that he frequently had sex with Hall.

Patrick Magliocco | The Truth Behind His Wife’s Six Extramarital Affairs
Patrick Magliocco

What Took Place At The Police Station’s Basement?

Sgt. Lewis Powell and Hall had oral sex in the police station’s basement. Additionally, Powell’s remarks to investigators suggested that Hall might have had intercourse with Officer Larry Holladay and Sgt. Ty McGowan.

However, McGowan was urged by his wife to

“have intercourse with her and forcefully handle her by pulling her hair.”


Jedidiah was not due to learn such things.

Yet, Officer Patrick Magliocco’s wife and Jedidiah entered a bedroom at the Hall house party. Hall and Magliocco sent a message to switch partners. Thus, they had sexual relations. McGowan related this incident.

According to Officer McGowan, Jedidiah confronted his cheating wife. Sadly, the findings of the internal investigation probe are still secret.

Who Are The Five Other Coworkers With Whom Maegan Hall Had Sex?

Policeman Maegan Hall is suspected of having sex with five other officers, according to a police internal investigation report. Those five men were from La Vergne, Tennessee. Juan Lugo-Perez and Sergeant Lewis Powell are in the front row. So, La Vergne Police Department officers Larry Holladay and Seneca Shields follow them.

Initially, Maegan asserted that she had sex solely with Detective Larry Holladay to downplay the incident. However, she did admit that she had engaged in sex alongside Patrick Magliocco while on the houseboat during later interviews.

On top of a peak, there was also an incident of oral sex, and a police station was the scene of an oral climax. She met Officer Juan Lugo-Perez at a go-kart track, and they later had sexual meetings.

More importantly, Hall revealed that Officer Ty McGowan told her she could “utilize” him whenever she wanted sexual interactions.

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Detective Seneca Shields adamantly stated,

“I never engaged in sexual activity with Maegan Hall,”

Seneca Shields

when questioned by authorities.

Finally, he admitted that Maegan had engaged in oral sex with him at the police gym. Shields claims that he was actually on duty when the oral sex incident occurred. In addition, once Maegan left for the day, he returned to his desk.

Despite his wife being a huge source of stress, Jedidiah and his wife continued to be together, according to public Facebook posts. Therefore, if they were able to maintain their marriage despite everything, it would be a sign of their tenacity.

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