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OKSMS | Four Steps That Can Help Send Bulk Messages

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OKSMS | Four Steps That Can Help Send Bulk Messages

To verify the numbers received from customers, there is a new verification tool online called OKSMS. It helps businesses to verify numbers. The article below tells about the usage of a new app. Moreover, it is available in the market. The app does not require phone calls but helps in the verification of the customer’s number.

Thus, it works for small and medium-scale companies. The originality of this app belongs to the Middle East. Whereas the solution came from the South Korean region, The app can be freely downloaded on iOS and Android systems.

However, OKSMS’s major goal is to detect if the numbers are fake or real. It can easily work on a laptop, PC browser and mobile phones. It also has the advantage of hiding your true personality.

Keep reading the trending article below to know about the different aspects, purposes, and alternatives of OKSMS. Here, the post will tell the procedure for sending the bulk of SMS.

What Is The Meaning Of OKSMS?

The new online tool OKSMS helps verify the phone numbers of clients in business. Hence, it gives comprehensiveness and accuracy to safe algorithms of numbers. After verifying the number, it adds to the database of customers. So that in the future, direct calls can be made to the client. This technology has minimized the manual reenter number, which use to take a lot of effort and time.

The app helps in creating a quality database in the form of phone numbers as contact information. Later, after verification, these numbers help in sending out communication. Such as messages, emails, and any other factor that can increase sales for high revenue.

Besides, the website can have potential contact information for jobs and the organization’s services. This strategy could be a way for simple marketing programs.

How To Setup OKSMS For Sending Bulk Messages?

Consequently, there are a few steps that you can follow to use this tool.

Step 1: Signing Up

  • Create an account on the website. Sign-up is free and they provide 10 credit SMS for service texts.
  • Then, click on https://oksms.com
  • Press the Sign Up button.
  • Afterward, enter your name, phone number, password, and email address.
  • You will have to verify the phone number in a later step.
  • A code is sent by SMS to the provided number. Add that code in the given area.

Step 2: Developing A List Of Contact Information

After signing up on the OKSMS website, the next step is;

  • Creating a contact list of the customers to send messages.
  • Either add the phone numbers manually or upload a CSV file containing all clients’ contact information.
  • Also, there is an option of creating groups or various contact lists for different events or work.

 After developing the list, move on to the website and start creating a contact list.

  • Firstly, go to the tab of ‘Contacts’. It is present on the dashboard of OKSMS.
  • Then, click on ‘Create List’. You will have to provide this list with a name.
  • Further, it will ask if there is a file to upload or if the data is going to enter manually.
  • If you choose to enter a CSV file, so make sure it contains two columns. One is for the names and the other for the contact numbers.
  • However, if you work manually then add each contact name and number. After that press the ‘Add contact’ button.

Step 3: Creating The Text Message

This step includes the composition of the SMS that is to send to the clients.

  • There are already present templates on the OKSMS website.
  • Alternatively, you can create your customized message.
  • There is an option to develop a personalized message. It includes phone number, name, date, etc.
  • For that move to the tab ‘Messages’ on the dashboard.
  • Click the button ‘Create Message’.
  • Choose whether you want to use a template. Or you want to write a custom message. 
  • Thus, if you choose a template, it can be edited by selecting down in the menu.
  • But if you want to write it manually, type it in the box as per need.
  • Later, you can click on the ‘Preview’ button to check how the message looks.

Step 4: Send The SMS

The last step is to press the ‘Send’ button. The message will be sent to the contact list.

  • Go to the tab ‘Messages’ on the dashboard.
  • Press the ‘Send Message’ button.
  • Select the contact list to which you want to send this message.
  • Nevertheless, there is an option to send the message immediately.
  • Whereas, it can be scheduled for a later time or date as well.
  • It is up to you if the message is going to a single person or multiple.
  • After entering the details, press the ‘Send’ button.
  • Thus, it will confirm your act.
OKSMS | Four Steps That Can Help Send Bulk Messages

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What Are the Alternatives of OKSMS?

There are various alternatives to such websites. A few of them are listed down below;

  • Pinger
  • Line2
  • TextNow
  • Hushed
  • Burner

Every website is different from the other in features. Therefore, it is totally on you which website works for you in the best way. For Example;

  • Pinger provides free calling and texting services on US numbers.
  • However, Line 2 gives two contact numbers for personal or business use.
  • There is unlimited text and calls on actual US numbers in TextNow.
  • Hushed is offering disposable numbers for private texts and calls.
  • Meanwhile, Burner provides temporary reusable phone numbers.

What Are the Beneficial Features of OKSMS?

The benefit of this website is that it allows verification of numbers from any device, easily and quickly. That is why it is a good feature for users who have time restrictions. As it is easy to go to verify numbers. There are a few more useful aspects mentioned below.

  • Saving verified numbers that can quickly be accessed later.
  • Additionally, this website gives customized options as well.
  • Users can develop an interface and process for verification.


For sending bulk messages, Ok-sms is the easiest and simple way. It is beneficial for your clients, customers, and recipients. As mentioned above, the four steps are the most convenient for communication. Moreover, sending bulk messages can be a good way to increase sales, reduce costs, loyalty among customers, and enhance brand awareness. Hence, if you’re looking for a trustworthy service for bulk messaging and marketing then OKSMS will work for it.

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