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Norstrat: Everything You Need to Know About Northern Strategy

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Norstrat: Everything You Need to Know About Northern Strategy

Norstrat is a consulting company owned by Canadian aerospace and defense community member Lee Carson. Moreover, the company aims to lend a helping hand to clients who have some business ideas and game plans to implement.

It is a consulting company that helps establish businesses, business, military, and the government. Moreover, we also called it a northern strategy. It aims to provide infrastructure and develop the north side of Canada.

Furthermore, in this trending article, we talk about the mission and history of Norstrat, its objectives, services, partners, and training. Also, we look into what Norstrat Express is.

What is Norstrat or Northern Strategy?

Norstrat is also called Canada’s Northern Strategy. Moreover, it was established in 2007 by Lee Caron. This establishment aimed to provide services like digital marketing and public relations. If we look closely into the priorities of the company, they are:

  • To protect the environmental boundaries.
  • Social and economic development.
  • Practice Arctic freedom.
  • Development of northern governance.

Mission and Vision of Norstrat Company.

Norstrat Company was started to provide federal infrastructure projects from the south to the North of Canada. However, there was a railroad solution that wasn’t enough. It was an old technique that was also quite slow. So, the Northern Strategy Company decided to provide infrastructure projects for the development and protection of the north side of Canada.

If we talk about its vision, The Norstrat Company joined hands with the Canadian armed forces in 2010. Moreover, the company started with a small office and now rules in the United States. The company aims to provide you with a business market where you can have services like digital marketing. Also, you can have services like public relations and telecommunications.

Apart from this, Northern Strategy Company produces and designs high-quality weapons for the Canadian armed forces.

What Are the Objectives of Northern Strategy Company?

Norstrat, a consulting company, has a mission to provide the best solutions and a helping hand to people who have business strategies to implement. Their main objectives are:

  • A corporation that provides services to business plans
  • Marketing support.
  • Data with the company is safe because they have a security team.
  • Provide public relations.
  • In Norstrat marketing, you have business cards, brochures, and letterhead.
  • Official shirts by the company.
  • An identity that you can represent as a solo person in the company and groups.

 What Are the Services of Norstrat?

As we discuss how Norstrat is providing services all over Canada, especially the Canadian military services, Here are some exceptional services that the company provides:

  • Strategic plans for project execution
  • Management for any risk will be provided.
  • Management for project assistance is provided by Northern Strategy.
  • Also, it offers training in business development.
  • Provide management assistance for the project.
Norstrat: Everything You Need to Know About Northern Strategy

What is the Expertise of Northern Strategy Company?

There is almost zero percent failure rate in Norstrat’s expertise and business development. To know more about their expertise, let us go through the following points:

  • Expertise in How to Grow Business

Norstrat is a company that helps a business develop by providing them with strategies.

  • Project Management

The Northern Strategy Company provides you with management that looks after your business. If you are working with Norstrat, it provides you with brochures and business cards and helps build public relations.

  • Resources Project Expertise         

Northern Strategy Company works with Canadian armed forces and has completed the Radarsat Constellation mission and Radarsat 2. Also, they provide programs like leadership development programs and business coaching.  

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Norstrat and Special Training

Northern Strategy is not just a consulting company but also provides special training facilities to their partners.

Operational Program

In this program, the company makes sure that everybody works according to Norstrat rules and regulations. Also, they assure that everyone is performing their tasks on a daily basis. Furthermore, they look after the issues that arise in daily tasks.

Procedure Training Course

In this course, every person is taught about their specific procedures. There are the following protocols that need to be followed:

  • From all departments, all people come to the annual security meeting.
  • The company provides you with discounts on business, financial, and physical security.
  • Networking and marketing opportunities are available at free business networking nights.
  • Audit measures are taken by police or military professionals. 
  • Also, the company provides physical security that protects the organization from terrorist attacks.

Is Norstrat Express the Part of Northern Strategy?

Yes! Norstrat Express is part of the Northern Strategy. It tells us about the insight details within a short time. More specifically, it targets a specific number of people and groups.

  • Results within a short period of time.
  • Affordable price.
  • Instant results.
  • Create a survey on short notice.


Norstrat is a consulting company that helps develop and promote a business plan. Also, it joined hands with the Canadian armed forces. The company provides the military with high-quality armed weapons.

Also, they have a zero percent failure rate in Norstrat expertise and business development. Moreover, the only aim of Canada’s Northern Strategy is to provide infrastructure projects for the development and protection of the north side of Canada.

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