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Michael Tell | Ex-Husband of Patty Duke | Biography, Age, Net Worth & Career

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Michael Tell | Ex-Husband of Patty Duke | Biography, Age, Net Worth & Career

Michael Tell is an American background rock performer. However, the guy is not famous for being a rock performer. Then what is it? 

He is the ex-husband of the late Patty Duke. She is an American actress. However, the couple was in the headlines when they got married in the 1970s. 

Curious to know why a celebrity marriage was in the headlines. So you are wrong, not their wedding it was their divorce that was in the breaking news. 

To know why this is so read the article below. 

Who is Michael Tell? 

Michael Tell was born in the 1940s. Currently, his age is around 70. Tell was a famous American rock promoter. Before he retired in 2010. 

However, he wasn’t much into the limelight as a rock artist. He made it into the media headlines when he got married to Patty Duke. 

Furthermore, there is not much information about his education, family, and everything about his upbringing. 

Physical Appearance 

Tell is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Moreover, to complete his model look he has brown colored eyes. And silky smooth brown hair. 

The Career of Michael Tell

Michael Tell worked as a background rock promoter. Moreover, since childhood, he has been fond of rock music. However, he wasn’t good at singing.

So to pursue his passion he started working as a rock promoter. After working for several years. He retired in 2010.

Net Worth of Tell and Duke

The net worth of Michael Tell is $1 million. Apart from this Patty Duke’s net worth at the time of her death was around $10 million. 

Love life of Michael Tell and Patty Duke

Tell and Duke first met at a restaurant. However, the couple dated for a short period. And got married on 26 June 1970. 

Everyone congratulated the couple as Duke belongs to the film fraternity. However, this was a short period of happiness. The couple divorced within 13 days. 

This was the reason the couple was in the headlines. Everyone was in shock. What’s the reason behind all of this? 

Do you want to know why? Read the next section. And I am sure you will be shocked after reading that.

Michael Tell | Ex-Husband of Patty Duke | Biography, Age, Net Worth & Career
Michael Tell

Why did Tell and Duke Get Divorced? 

Duke and Michael Tell separated their ways after 13 days. But they got divorced a year later. In between all of this Duke gave birth to a baby boy John Astin on 25th February 1971. 

I hope you are getting the hint of what was the reason behind the divorce. 

After the birth of her son. She revealed that this child belongs to Sean Astin. The first husband of Patty Duke.

However, in 2014 she said that the child belongs to Desi Arnaz Jr. 

As everybody was so unsure about the child. They took the DNA test. You will be shocked to know.

The father of the child was Michael Tell. Yes! Nobody would have thought about it. But it was true.

After getting a divorce from Duke. He never remarried and lived his life as a divorced man. 

Who is Patty Duke? 

Patty Duke is a late American actress. Moreover, she is famously recognized for her work in Miracle Worker as Helen Keller. 

She won the Academy Award for her exceptional performance. 

Duke married four times in her life. But it’s a true saying better late than never. Patty Duke finally found her true love in Michael Pearce. 

Moreover, she married him in 1986. And remained as her wife till her death. On 29th March 2016, she died due to a broken intestine. 

At the age of 69, she left the world. 

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“This morning, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, matriarch, and the exquisite artist, humanitarian, and champion for mental health, Anna Patty Duke Pearce closed her eyes, quite her pain, and ascended to a beautiful place. We celebrate the infinite love and compassion she shared through her work and comparison throughout her life.”

Sean Astin


I believe this was an interesting biography about Michael Tell’s life. An American rock promoter. However, he came into the limelight when he got married to Patty Duke and got separated within 13 days. 

In 1971 Patty gave birth to John Astin. Which was technically the child of Sean Astin. However, after a DNA test, it was revealed that Michael Tell is the real father. 

Currently, Tell is living his life alone. He never got married again after his separation. 

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