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Mia Randall | Sister of Famous NFL Player Patrick Mahomes | All You Need to Know about Mahomes

by Jennifer George
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Mia Randall | Sister of Famous NFL Player Patrick Mahomes | All You Need to Know about Mahomes

Most people come into the limelight for being the husband or wife of some celebrity. Even the exes of famous people are known.

However, this is not the case here. Today we are talking about Mia Randall. Half-Sister of the best player in the history of the NFL Patrick Mahomes. 

He has won two Super Bowl championships. Moreover, he has won two MVP trophies in his professional career. 

Apart from this Mahomes family is much in the spotlight. Patrick’s wife Brittany is also socially active on Social Media. Jackson Mahomes, brother of Patrick. Is famous for his TikTok and dance videos on social media. 

But why is there not much highlight on Mia Randall? Read the article below to know about the half-sister of Mahomes siblings. 

Who is Mia Randall? 

Mia Randall was born on 12th July 2011. Moreover, she is the half-sister of Patrick Mahomes. Currently, she is 12 years old. 

Randall grew up in Texas, United States. However, there is not much more information about her father. 

Furthermore, she came into the limelight by attending Super Bowl LIV matches. Moreover, she is seen in NFL matches to support her brother. 

Randall’s Half Mahomes Siblings

Yes! She has three siblings. Patrick, Jackson, and the youngest Zoe. 

Patrick is famously known for his exceptional game skills in the NFL league. 

Jackson is equally famous on social media platforms. For his TikTok and dance videos. 

If we talk about the youngest one Zoe, she was born in 2015. 


As we all know, Mahomes has a love for sports. If we talk about Randall she is also an enthusiastic player. Moreover, she plays basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

Apart from co-curricular activities she is studying at All Saints Episcopal School. 

Who is the Real Father of Mia Randall?

According to some resources, PJ Randall is the biological father. However, there is no such confirmation in the news. 

Also, publications state that the couple separated after the birth of Mia. 

Mia Randall | Sister of Famous NFL Player Patrick Mahomes | All You Need to Know about Mahomes
Mia Randall

Net Worth of Randall

If we talk about Mahomes their net worth is $60 million. However, if we talk about Mia Randall’s net worth it is around $1 to $5 million. 

Nothing to be shocked about. As she belongs to a wealthy family. 

Social Media Account of Randall 

If you are curious to know more about Mia Randall’s celebrity life. You can follow this little munchkin on Instagram. 

You can find her with the name @miabliss15. Moreover, she has 16,500 followers. 

We believe that in the future we can see her working as a model as well as a sports player. 

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Wrap Up

Mia Randall is a 12-year-old sports enthusiast. Belonging to the Mahomes family. She is the half-sister of Patrick, Jackson, and Zoe Mahomes

Currently, she is a student at All Saints Episcopal School. Apart from her studies, she is good at sports. Moreover, she has taken part in basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

Let me know in the comments how much you liked the Mahomes family. 

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