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Lucy Paez: A 14-Year-Old Shining Star In Film Industry 

by Jennifer George
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Lucy Paez: A 14-Year-Old Shining Star In Film Industry

‘Age is just a number, and that is proven by 14-year-old actress Lucy Paez. You know, being a part of the film industry at such a young age is remarkable. It leads you to understand that an actor purely has talent. 

Hence, Lucy is one of them. She worked with Jennifer Lopez in the movie “The Mother” on Netflix. Though Paez’s debut was in 2018, But she managed to get captivating roles for her career. 

I am excited to know more about Lucy Paez celebrity life. If you want to know, scroll down and read the article. Here, you can get details about her career, famous work, and her background. 

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Lucy Paez Profile

Full Name Lucy Paez 
Gender Female 
Date of Birth 30 September 2008 
Age 14 years 
Zodiac Libra 
Place of Birth San Pedro Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico 
Current Residence Houston, Texas, USA
Nationality Mexican 
Ethnicity Latino 
Religion Christian 
Height 4 feet 11 inches 
Weight 45 kg 
School Mexico Academy of Dramatic Arts 
Profession Actress 
Net Worth $125,000 

What Is The Background Of Actress Lucy Paez? 

Lucy Paez was born on September 30, 2008. She does not have a strong background. Besides, she belongs to San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. Still, no one in her family came into the film industry. However, Lucy is the one who chose to work in movies. Due to her passion for acting, she pursued it as a career. 

Paez is from a Mexican-Christian family. Being a young figure in the industry, not much information is present about Lucy. Yet, it is confirmed that her parents were supportive of her acting career. So her parents enrolled him in the Mexico Academy of Dramatics and Arts.

The twist in her life came when Lucy and her family moved to Texas. This was the turning point for more opportunities in the entertainment industry. 

Lucy Paez: A 14-Year-Old Shining Star In Film Industry
Lucy Paez

When Was The Beginning Of Lucy’s Career? 

Do you know why she is exceptional at her work? It is because of her hard work and passion for industry. 

  • Further, Lucy Paez made her debut in the movie “Silencio” in 2018. The director, Lorena Villarreal, offered her the role. Hence, Paez proved that her work is as commendable as Lisa’s in the film. 
  • In 2021, Lucy was asked to perform in the movie “The Exorcism of Carmen Farias.” 
  • She was cast for a minor role in the comedy movie “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” in 2021. 
  • Next, she played the breakthrough role of her career in the Netflix series. It was with Jennifer Lopez in “The Mother.” The director, Niki Caro, casts Lucy as Zoe in the movie. 

What Makes Lucy Look So Astonishing On Screen?

Being grown up, we do feel what a teen figure and skin look like. This makes it clear to us that Lucy has a perfect figure. That makes her more attractive to the audience. 

With a height of 5 feet and 1 inch, Paez makes her figure go wild. Not only that, she only weighs 41 kg. Moreover, Lucy Paez became famous for her beautiful, long brown hair. 

What Is The Net Worth of Lucy Paez?

Hard work always pays off! It did come true for Lucy. Because she has a net worth of approximately $125,000. However, her acting career was on the rise for 5 years but she managed to gain a lot in those years.

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After reading the article above, you can see that Lucy has a bright future ahead. Being such a talented actress made her successful in a glimpse. The Netflix movie “The Mother” with Jennifer Lopez made Lucy Paez shine in the film industry. 

Therefore, at the young age of 14, Lucy set the standard for other stars. She left the audience and filmmakers awe-struck by her performance. No doubt, you can see her passion for acting made her more attractive. That is why, in a very short period, Paez stands out.                

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