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Julianna Farrait Life Story | From A Beauty Queen To A Drug Dealer

by Jennifer George
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Julianna Farrait Life Story | From A Beauty Queen To A Drug Dealer

Julianna Farrait, the queen of Puerto Rico became a drug supplier. How? Just like you, it was shocking for me. That how a beauty queen ended up in jail? 

The reason was Frank Lucas, as she fell in love with him in 1960. Thus, we all know who Lucas was. If not then let me tell you. Frank Lucas was a drug trafficker and led Julianna to the same path. 

Moreover, “American Gangster” is based on Frank Lucas’s life in a movie. In that movie, Denzel Washington plays Lucas, which was a kingpin of Heroin. Whereas, Farrait portrays strong women supporting their husbands in drug dealing.  

Is this surprising to know that Frank’s life was an open book? He talked about his life as if there wasn’t anything to hide. Further, we can find an autobiography on Lucas, published in 2010. Also, the American Gangster was paid by Frank Lucas himself. 

Hence, Julianna Farrait played a very important role in Frank’s life. However, she played a major part in his drug-supplying kingdom. 

Are you interested in reading more about Julianna’s life? Read the article below. You will know more about her celebrity life as Lucas’s wife, and her story of becoming a drug supplier to a criminal.  

Summary Of Julianna Farrait 

Full Name Julianna Farrait 
Nicknames Julie Farrait 
Gender Female 
Date of Birth 1941 
Age 82 years old as of 2023
Place of Birth San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Nationality Puerto Rican 
Ethnicity Hispanic 
Religion Christian 
Sexuality Straight 
Height  5 feet 4 inches 
Weight 55 kg 
Hair Color Grey 
Marital Status Widowed 
Husband Frank Lucas 
Children Three

How Julianna Farrait Fell in Love With Frank Lucas? 

Julianna never mentioned how she met Lucas. However, in Frank’s autobiography, “Original Gangster: The Real Life Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Drug Lords,” he told the story of their first encounter. They were traveling to Puerto Rico together. He said: 

 “Cute girl, too. Every time I turned around to check her out, she was smiling at me. I didn’t need any more of a hint.” 

After that sincere conversation, they realized about their feelings. Hence, they dated for around 6 years. Moreover, in 1967, they thought of getting married. Years after their marriage, Julie appeared in an interview for Village Voice in 2007. So, she shared some of her thoughts regarding their first meetup

“The first time I met Frank, I was completely taken back by his confidence and coolness. He was a very self-assured man, which I found very attractive. And I still do.” 

Thus, their family extended to three children. Julianna and Frank had two sons, Ray and Frank Lucas Junior. Also, a beautiful daughter Francie Sinclair. These three children were from Julianna. Yet, Lucas had four other kids without marriage. 

How Was Julie’s & Frank’s Relationship Took Off? 

From their statements, I have concluded that they belonged to very different worlds. As Julianna Farrait was raising Queen. However, Frank Lucas was building his drug empire. But I find Frank to be dominant over Farrait in their relationship. It is because he wrote in his book that: 

“I liked Julie, but she was a country girl. There was nothing fabulous about her. Her clothes were boring and basic and not good quality. I had to get her fixed up so she could look the part of Frank Lucas’s wife.”

This is true though! When Julie and Frank got married, Lucas was at the peak of setting up his business. Further, he was about to sell “Blue Heroin” internationally. Which he said would make him earn $1 million in a day. 

Unfortunately, they did not know that Julianna’s and Lucas’s downfall was about to start. And, that happened all because of that exaggerated and eye-catching dressing. 

Do you want to know the reason for their downfall? Keep reading. 

What Was The Reason Behind Frank Lucas & Julianna Farrait’s Life? 

From the 1960s to the 1970s, Frank expanded his drug supplies. Not just, that he had all the power he wanted to get the money Frank desired. Right after gaining a handful of money, he started spending it on Julianna. Therefore, he made sure that his wife Julianna Farrait wore expensive and extravagant gifts. 

One of the most precious and initial gifts was a Car, she told in a Village voice interview. 

“I always remember the antique cream Mercedes that Frank bought for me after I had Francine,” that ride was so gorgeous because the interior was pure leather and drove so smoothly.” 

Julianna Farrait Life Story | From A Beauty Queen To A Drug Dealer
Julianna Farrait

Similarly, Frank Lucas went on Muhammad Ali’s fight in the 1970s for drug dealing. There, he wanted to show off his power and money to other dealers wearing ‘Mink Coats.’ Frank wrote about this incident in his book. 

“There is no such thing as outtalking me, outhustling me, outthinking me, or outdressing me. I could not have people who made less money than me walking around thinking they ruled the world. I screamed it out to all who would listen: ‘Ya’ll think you gone outshine me? Bring that ass to New York City, and I will show every last one of ya’ll who the boss is.”

Particularly, for that fight Frank’s wife Julianna Farrait bought a $125,000 Chinchilla coat for him. Along with that, she bought a hat worth $40,000. Being a loving husband, he wore it proudly at the event. Sadly, he gained the wrong attention of detectives sitting in the match. 

So you get it now, that one coat caused Julie and Frank Lives to be miserable. Thus, police moved closer to them, and in 1975, they made their first move towards them. 

The Bonnie To Her Clyde- Julianna Took Over The Drug Empire

As mentioned earlier Police departments in New York were after Frank Lucas. Therefore, on January 28, 1975, he was arrested. The police department put a raid on his Teaneck home in New Jersey. In that particular scenario, Julie Farrait got panicked. Moreover, she threw a suitcase out of the window that had money of around $584000. 

Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas’s lives were upside down. After the raid, Frank Lucas was sentenced to jail for 70 years. Whereas, Julie was in prison for 6 months with two of her kids. 

Besides, Julianna played another role in Frank’s life and that was of doing drug dealing. It was right after Lucas came out of prison in 1982. She went to Las Vegas and made a drug deal on behalf of Frank. She was so daring! 

But Farrait was arrested while the deal was under its way. This time, Julie Farrait was in prison for almost 4.5 years. Yet, Frank was in jail for 7 years. Therefore, all the kids were sent to Julia and Frank’s relatives. 

Is Julie Farrait Still Alive? 

After the death of Frank at the age of 81, Julie was in New Jersey. Furthermore, she settles with her family there. After Frank’s death, she never appeared on any News channel. 

Some people think that Julianna Farrait died before her husband Lucas. However, there is no such authenticity. 


Julianna Farrait also known as Frank Lucas‘s wife was a beauty queen. Thus, she preferred to choose a life under her husband’s name. Now, we all know how Farrait suffered after getting married to Lucas. However, she does not feel the same. She was so madly in love with him that even after their arrest she stayed with him. 

Hence, Julie’s personality got overshadowed and she started working as a drug supplier. However, there was not no criminal record. Still, she ended up in jail. 

Thanks to her husband, she did a movie based on Frank’s life that is American Gangsters. In 2006, it was produced and Julie played the role of Eva. 

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