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Jodie Foster Movies: Review of Her Top 4 Masterpieces

by Jennifer George
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Jodie Foster Movies: Review of Her Top 4 Masterpieces

When it comes to the movies, Jodie Foster is a renowned name in the Hollywood industry. She has been remarkable with her performance in comedy especially. In this genre of movies, she has made a lot of contributions like Candleshoe, Bugsy Malone,  The Beaver, Freaky Friday, Shadows and Fog, and Anna and the King. 

There is much more from her. Are you guys interested in knowing more about her? Yes, I’ll explain about all the best movies I have watched. You will be excited to know. Let’s get started! Whooa!

If I talk about the Jodies Foster Movies, then there are over 54 movies Jodie has appeared in. Isn’t it worth it? Being a fan of Jodie, I’d say a BIG YES! Apart from the movies, Jodie Foster has worked in Television as well. Some of her Television serials, I loved watching are True Detective: Night Country, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan, Black Mirror, and House of Cards.

I must mention, that Jodie Foster’s movies are always rated very well in her charming career. Why wouldn’t she rated good? She is so talented that she got the Best Academy Award when she was 13 years old. Furthermore, of her more than 70 awards, the best of them are the American Cinematheque Award, the American Film Institute, the American Society of Cinematographers, the Athena Film Festival, the Boston Film Festival, and many more. 

Being a  Jodie Foster movies lover, I can mention her as one of the best movie characters in the Hollywood Industry. Here, in this article, I’m going to mention the top 4 Jodie Foster Movies List, which is recommended to watch in your free time.

Top 4 Masterpiece of Jodie Foster Movies

As I mentioned earlier, there are over 54 Jodie Foster Movies. For sure, they all are worth watching. Out of these 54 movies, I chose my top 4 movies to share with you guys. So, increase your level of excitement and here we go, Hurrah!

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is a mystery and a crime-based movie, released in 1991. Just like me, people loved this Jodie Foster Movie, as much as they could. Jodie was playing the character of a TOP FBI student while she was in this FBI academy. Her name was “Clarice Starling” in this movie.

Like Jodie, there was another interesting character of Scott Glenn as “Jack Crawford”. He was acting as a Superior in the FBI Academy. Similarly, one of the most watchable characters is Anthony Hopkins as “Dr. Hannibal Lecter”. He was shown as a bad character psychopath and killer as as well. He has lived in jail as well for his murder activities. Isn’t he shown danger? Well, he is shown as much dangerous person.

After introducing the characters, here’s the story begins. So, Starling was a brilliant FBI student and Crawford wanted Starling to interview Dr. Hannibal who was a great psychiatrist, but a notorious killer as well. Cranford wanted Starling to interview him because she was a beautiful young FBI agent. 

The interesting point is, that Crawford wanted Dr. Hannibal out of all these activities. That’s why he chose Starling for this purpose, as she was beautiful enough to trap him in herself.

So, this was the story The Silence of the Lambs. I’m sure you guys loved reading the story how I elaborated and want to watch the movie now. So, you must watch. Yahoo!

Here, we move next to one of the Jodie Foster Movies, which is another of my favorites “Taxi Driver”. This is as interesting as the silence of the lambs.

Taxi Driver 

Taxi Drive is a lesson-based movie by Jodie Foster. This movie relates to the society as well. The moral story of this movie is about a guy who changes his killer mind to save someone’s life from evil work (prostitute).

I love the movie’s story as it is reality-based. Genre is Drama. So, let me start by introducing the character from “Jodie Foster” as Iris, who is a young prostitute. Then, it comes to the “Robert De Niro” as Travis Bickle who has the character of a guy tired from life and getting more away from the realities of life as well. The third important character is “Cybill Shepherd” Betsy who is a young beautiful woman, a campaign worker. 

So, bored with their life Travis moved to New York and started working as a cab driver. The interesting point is here! He has a criminal mind that he wants to kill the candidate for the Presidential elections. Now, you guys are curious to know what’s next. Yes, then it ends here.

Travis a guy who wants to kill the candidate for the Presidential election, suddenly changes his mind. How? So, the answer is Betsy! Yes, a beautiful girl. More specifically, a beautiful campaign worker.

So, after meeting with Betsy he changes his state of mind and changes his thoughts as well. His thoughts of killing a presidential candidate change into saving a girl who is a prostitute. 

So, see the impact of meeting the right guy who not only changes your mind but your life too. Thus, this is how I mentioned at the start of this movie relates to the society and Its moral values. I’m very delighted to write about this movie. Did you guys enjoy reading this? Surely, you will love watching it as well.

You can watch this movie on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Movies, and many other online movie platforms.

Jodie Foster Movies: Review of Her Top 4 Masterpieces
Jodie Foster Movies

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

This movie, the little girl who lives down the Lane is based on the mystery and thriller genre. This movie’s idea is the same represented by its name as well. An alone girl who is living alone in the street.

Are you guys with me? I’m sure you are not bored reading about the Jodie Foster Movies. Yes, so here we talk about another movie the little girl who lives down the Lane. This movie is going to hook you up. I’m sure!

So, let’s talk about the characters of the movie. First, it comes to the little 13-year-old girl “Jodie Foster” as Rynn Jacobs who is withdrawn or left from her family, living alone in the street of England, beach street. Then, we have a landlady Alexis Smith, who is asking about the Father of the Rynn. Land Lady has a son, “Martin Sheen” as Frank who is persistent in asking about her father.

Rynn has a supportive neighbor, “Scott Jacoby” as Mario who aligns with Rynn and helps her as well.

So, here the story begins! The landlady continuously asks about Rynn’s Father and she always says that he is in town but just out for business work. Rynn is having a family secret and she doesn’t want to reveal it as well.

However, the landlady and her son keep on asking about this secret of her family. Rynn with Mario, tries to hide this secret from her and her son. If you guys are asking about the suspense in the movie, then you should watch it on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

So, this is how suspense is there in this movie, which attaches the viewer to the movie. I loved the story of the movie. Tell me in the comments, what you guys think about this movie.

The Accused

The Accused is a very Sentimental and Drama-based genre movie. This is a different movie from the list of Jodie Foster Movies. This movie has impacted the hearts of people, and I’m one of them.

“Jodie Foster” as Sarah Tobias is the main character of this movie and her boyfriend with whom she fought. Then, a very good case inspector “Kelly McGillis” is Kathryn Murphy who is a woman of words.

So, the story is about crime, Sarah was having an argument with her boyfriend and she went to a bar. While she was drinking and a group of 3 people raped her brutely. Some other people were sitting there who not only watched those guys but also they cheered them. How could they do that? This is against morality! I was very attached to this movie scene and still I remember it. 

Thus, the case inspector Kathryn took up the case and she punished them with a kind of half sentence. This was not enough for Sarah to see. She wanted them to be punished as well as those guys who were there and watched the whole scene and cheered them.

Sarah was very right in her words. Those other guys must be punished as well for watching this rape and not doing anything. I highly recommend watching this movie.

So, these are the 4 top Jodie Foster Movies, I loved watching. For sure, there are many others as well which are best to watch.

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In a nutshell, I would like to ask you guys how did you find these movies? I’m sure most of you would have loved it. All other movies of Jodie Foster are interesting to watch and have a lesson as well. Actors like Jodie Foster must be praised for their good work for society in the form of movies.

You may write “Yes” in the comment if you are also a big fan of Jodie Foster movies.

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