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Easy Guide For How To Sell Books On Amazon?  

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Easy Guide For How To Sell Books On Amazon?

How to sell books on Amazon? Anyone familiar with Jeff Bezos and Amazon understands that the company started very simply as an online bookshop. When Amazon originally started, books were the only thing they sold. Thus, the two terms were identical. Over time, however, they progressively branched out to other products.

Moreover, books continue to play a significant role in the Amazon marketplace today. The way books are published and sold has undergone a revolution. In addition, book sales now bring in billions of dollars annually. Approximately 62% of all books, music, and films have been purchased online.

This post will provide all the details you need if you are an online merchant wondering how to sell books on Amazon and make money.

Initial Process For How To Sell Books On Amazon?

Online book sales can be a wonderful source of income or the beginning of a successful online venture. You can start to reach people all over the world. Whether you want to list and sell books from your physical store, Or get rid of children’s books or comic books, list rare hardcover treasures, or even self-publish a book you wrote.

On trending platforms like Amazon, you can sell hardcovers, paperbacks, or eBooks. Also, we will go over the e-commerce tools you can use to boost sales, resell your books, or focus on particular titles and categories.

Purchasing book bundles is a good strategy to stock up on inventory that you can later sell on Amazon. To obtain your inventory, you must choose between offline, online, and wholesale ways. Besides, making an Amazon seller account is the next step in getting started with selling.

There are further actions to take, which are listed below.

  • Visit Amazon.com.
  • Make a normal user account.
  • Your username will now be in highlights, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Then click Sign up after selecting “Start a selling account.”
  • Select between a Personal seller account, which costs $0.99 for each sale you make, and a Professional seller account, which costs $39.99 per month.
  • You must then input the ISBN and select “Have One for Sale” to list your books.
  • Then, you will have to give more details regarding the state of the books. It is crucial to read the instructions for the terms under which you can sell your book for this.
  • Select between FBM or FBA as your book fulfillment choice.
  • Analyze customer reviews, selling expenses, and revenue.

Why Is There A Need To Sell Books Online?

For now, book reading is very popular. Thankfully, books are still in demand despite all of the alternative entertainment options available today. Although there may be additional possibilities available to you when selling your books online, the following are some advantages:

  • Start with a small number of books—a vast inventory is not necessary.
  • Pick from many different genre categories.
  • Book sales for money or credit
  • Sell books in a variety of methods, including by title, ISBN, weight, or barcode scanning.

There is no need to worry about developing a website or an online ordering system, making the process of selling books online rather simple. Surprisingly, you can start selling quite quickly and with minimal overhead if you use the seller tools offered by Amazon and sell through their shop.

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Finding Books To Sell On Amazon: How To Do It

Finding books to sell on Amazon involves a variety of steps. Consider the Amazon BSR, which demonstrates how quickly a product sells on Amazon. Similarly, take into account your potential earnings after deducting any connected book-related expenses.

Here are a few ways to find books to sell:

Online & Offline

Hence, web-based arbitrage is one way to make money by purchasing books from sites like eBay and Craigslist for less money and reselling them on Amazon.

Conduct analysis

Furthermore, it is a good idea to look at the Amazon Best Sellers list and sales rank for a certain book that you wish to sell. This will display the hourly sales of a specific book title in contrast to other titles by taking into consideration the number of orders. You should aim for a BSR of 100,000 or less because it shows how well-liked the book is.


Even though you cannot handpick the books you desire, buying in bulk will result in the best overall pricing on books. Great areas to start are real estate, farm sales, and book closures.

What Are The Steps Towards Online Selling?

Seven steps can tell you how to sell books on Amazon. Following are the steps to look into.

  1. Choose the categories of books you want to sell.
  2. Create your online store.
  3. Determine your order fulfillment strategy.
  4. Decide on a book price.
  5. Add books for sale
  6. Increase book sales through advertising and promotion.
  7. Order books, package, and send

What Are The Advices Of Selling Books On Amazon?

You can start a bookselling business or clear some space off your shelves by selling books on Amazon. You can adjust your strategy to suit your objectives. Follow these best practices to improve your chances of developing a successful Internet business:

To Begin, Pick A Selling Strategy

For access to the Seller Central dashboard, where you may post products, manage your inventory, complete orders, and create an Amazon seller account.

The pay-as-you-go Individual Selling Plan gives users access to basic listing and order management facilities. By linking products to already-existing pages or making new pages in the Amazon catalog, you can build listings one at a time.

For business owners new to online selling, Amazon is a wonderful place to start because you don’t have to pay fees unless an item sells.

Even for a monthly subscription charge, the professional selling plan grants you access to cutting-edge selling tools. Although both plans offer referral fees on things sold, unlike the individual selling plan. You pay a set monthly charge of $39.00. Regardless of whether you list or sell anything.

With the Professional Selling Plan, you may upload batch files to your inventory and manage your orders via feeds and reports. Medium- to large-sized businesses particularly profit from these technologies.

Find Out Which Genres And Categories Are Most Successful

Do not forget that certain books sell more than others do. Finding popular novels by doing some, research might be beneficial. You may find hot new books based on sales using the list of best sellers in books.

Then look into the genres of books that are most successful. Meanwhile, finding a balance between the books you can find to resale and those others are eager to buy may take some time. But it will be worthwhile.

Easy Guide For How To Sell Books On Amazon?
How To Sell Books On Amazon

Be Completely Truthful Regarding The State Of Your Books

In an Amazon product listing, you can use precise definitions to describe a book’s condition. This description aids in controlling client expectations. When submitting a book for sale on Amazon, please refer to the following condition specifications.

Hardcovers with dust jackets and collectibles come with extra restrictions. Establish trust with clients by being open and honest about each book’s condition.

Select Your Method Of Fulfilment

As an Amazon seller, you have a variety of options for order fulfillment.

You ship books to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, and they take care of the rest for you under Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). In addition, storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns are all included in FBA.

The fastest approach to receiving the Prime badge for the majority of deals is by using FBA to ship your goods. Because the Prime logo denotes quick, free shipping, many Amazon users hunt for purchases with it.

You individually store inventory, pack, and ship books using the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN).

The procedures below to use FBA to fulfill book orders:

  • Utilize your Amazon Seller Central account to create your shipment. Check out the detailed procedure for sending or restocking merchandise to Amazon.
  • To send your books to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, pack them up. See tiny package delivery to Amazon, packaging and preparation specifications, and product size tiers for more details.
  • Your packages with labels. Check the criteria for shipment labels.
  • See the specifications for FBA products offered as new if the books are brand new.
  • Check out the way Amazon receives and stores your stock.

How Amazon Receives Your Inventory?

Examine how our Associates receive your inventory from your incoming shipments by taking a tour of an Amazon fulfillment center. Therefore, you will also discover what happens if your shipments are not e-Commerce ready because they lack essential preparation, labeling, or packaging. Further, information on how to sell books on Amazon is also available.

The MFN technique is used to fulfill orders in the following ways:

  • From your seller account, manage orders.
  • Bind books firmly.
  • Print off and get ready your packing slip. A product and shipment label in PDF format will be generated by Amazon (see print a packing slip).
  • Use the carrier of your choosing to send your package. Note that you can send it to a fulfillment center using Amazon’s cheap shipping.
  • Verify the order (for instructions, see “Confirm a Shipment”).

Purchasing Shipping Services

If you are handling your order fulfillment, you might want to use Amazon’s Buy Shipping services. Using Amazon’s reliable network of shipping providers, you can purchase shipping labels from this page, ship orders, confirm orders, and monitor shipments all in one spot. If you want to use this service, shipment confirmation is done for you automatically.

Easy Guide For How To Sell Books On Amazon?
How To Sell Books On Amazon

Keep Track Of Sales Results

To monitor performance, carefully manage your orders and keep an eye on sales. Check out the many business resources that Amazon offers, including practical manuals like Build an Online Store on Amazon and the E-commerce Business Guide. You may build your online store by using these resources as you learn how to track customer feedback and performance.

Secret Tips for Getting High Selling Rate On Amazon

Here are some more suggestions to keep in mind along with things to avoid, in addition to all the material offered on selling books on Amazon. Let us look at the finest book types and categories on Amazon first.

  • Textbooks
  • Graphic novels
  • Non-fiction
  • Hardcovers
  • Self-help literature
  • Autobiographies and memoirs
  • Wellness, exercise, and dieting
  • Spirituality and religion

Because novels quickly lose their appeal, the market for them is not particularly noteworthy. Selling textbooks is a secure bet. They are always in demand because they are required reading for students. Further, these books, along with those in hardcover, have better profit margins because they are priced higher.

Initially, first-edition books and books that authors have personally signed and autographed fall into the collectibles category and make excellent alternatives to sell.

Offering lightning offers, discounts, coupons, and buy one, get one free deal is another way to sell books on Amazon. However, these kinds of promotions raise your profile and stimulate sales. The fact that advertising boosts sales and enhances your reputation also plays a role.

It is crucial to keep track of your inventory. So that you can quickly arrange a resupply from your suppliers if a book is on the verge of running out of stock.

Making yourself stand out to customers requires optimizing the information on your product listing pages. Make sure the book’s name is included in the title and that it is obvious. The title should make explicit the identity of the author and the edition number.

Your book’s entry should include descriptive keywords and relevant photos that are related to the book’s category. Also, the front and back cover should have high-quality images, and using multiple images is beneficial. Use these strategies to increase the likelihood that people will value and buy your product.


Selling books on Amazon serves as a launching pad for other product sales. The information above about how to sell books on Amazon might be very helpful to you. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced seller, a professional or individual seller. Keeping in mind all the elements and recommendations in this post will make it easier for you to control expenses, increase your income, and set yourself apart from other merchants.

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