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How to Change the Default Google Account on Desktop & Mobiles?

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How to Change the Default Google Account on Desktop & Mobiles?

Most likely, you have several Google accounts. However, you don’t know how to change your default Google account? You can use each one to access each Google service. Unfortunately, Google does not provide a straightforward ‘Default account’ option. You are signing into one account when you open any Google service, such as Gmail or Google Docs. Then you must change to the one you employ most frequently.

The best approach to synchronizing data between your devices is with a Google account. For instance, if you purchase a cheap Chromebook for work on the go, you should make sure that all of your Google account data is easily accessible.

Although you can have numerous Google accounts, each one needs to be signed in separately on both desktop and mobile devices. Multiple sign-ins may be confusing. The default account is the one you use when you initially log in.

Here are the details for how to change the default Google account to the one you prefer. To learn more about this trending topic, continue reading the article.

How to Change the Default Google Account on a PC?

You will be glad to hear that everything functions the same on all platforms. Whether you use a Mac, Chromebook, or Windows computer, Thus, this is because, on all computers, you visit Google using a browser. Google always uses your default account when opening new windows. Further, Google also sets the initial login as the default, so you must first log out of all of your accounts. Here is how to change the default Google account on your Windows or Mac computer, which also changes the default Gmail account.

  • Open your preferred browser, go to Google.com, and then select your profile symbol in the upper-right corner.
  • For these instructions, you must visit the Google Home page.
  • Simply click “Sign out of all accounts.”
  • The symbol for your profile is gone. The “Sign in” button will appear with your profile icon visible.
  • Enter the default Google account you’ve chosen. If you select “Add account,” you might see a list of Google accounts, or you might have to put one in.

The aforementioned procedures should result in your default Google account opening in every new window and your default Gmail appearing when you open Gmail.

Also, your primary login account typically appears as Default in the list of accounts if you choose another account in the same window. The default profile can be determined with the aid of this feature.

To access Gmail, select the appropriate profile in the top-right corner, then select “Gmail.” Google will open the email account page for the currently chosen profile. Of course, it will load your default Gmail account if you are currently in into your default Google account.

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How to Change Default Google Account through Mobile?

We do not advise using the mobile browser since changing your default Google account via the mobile app can be confusing. You could have problems selecting the default account for the device because not all options are available. For that, it is better that you modify your default Google account using the Google Chrome app. The steps for this method are the same as those listed above for Mac and Windows systems.

If you want to modify your default Google account or Gmail using the Chrome Gmail interface, go to the instructions below.

  • Go to gmail.com in your browser as soon as it is open.
  • Tap on the ellipses in the upper-left corner.
  • Select your default account from the drop-down option at the top.
  • Choose “Manage accounts on this device.”
  • Select “Sign out.”
  • Log in once more using the default credentials you want to use.
How to Change the Default Google Account on Desktop & Mobiles?
How to Change the Default Google Account

How to Change Default Google Account in iOS Devices?

To alter your default Gmail account if you are using an iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions:

  • Click Settings, and then select Mail.
  • Choose the Default account by scrolling to the bottom.
  • Choose the email address you want to use for automatic email sending.
  • Now, that address is used every time you send an email from your iPad or iPhone.

How to Check Your Default Google Account?

Any Google app you launch after performing the above-mentioned steps will automatically use your new primary account.

Besides, examining the URL string in the browser’s navigation bar is another approach to determine which primary account you are currently logging into. Your main account is indicated if you see authuser=0. Whereas, your secondary account’s worth is 1, and so forth.

Advice For Managing Several Accounts

Use different profile images for each Google account so that you can quickly identify which account you are logging into.

Use the incognito mode of your browser to sign in if you need temporary access to an account other than your default account. Press Ctrl + Shift + N or Ctrl + Shift + P to open a new incognito window in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox without waiting.

Users of Chrome can enter websites using several Google sign-ins by using an extension like Session Box.

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Changing your default Google account may appear challenging at first, but the procedure is straightforward and consistent across all browsers and platforms.

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