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How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal? The Risks and After Effects.

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How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal? The Risks and After Effects.

How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal? So, the answer to this question depends on which type of piercing you have. On average it takes about 3-4 months to heal a nose piercing. Moreover, like ear piercing nose piercing is also a trending fashion now. 

Furthermore, nose piercing can be done in three different stages of your nose. First around your nostril on the chubby skin. Secondly, around the septum which is mostly the hard bone area of your nose. Lastly, on the soft flesh skin that is the bottom of your septum.   

Also, the healing process depends on the location of the piercing, the jewelry material, and how the way you medicate it. Furthermore, in this article, we discuss how we can treat a nose piercing, health and safety concerns, precautions while you have a nose piercing, and signs that indicate there is a problem and you need to visit a doctor.

How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal and How To Take Care of It?

This is a very frequently asked question how long does a nose piercing take to heal? There are very common things you need to take care of after your nose piercing so it gets healed quickly.

  • Before touching your piercing or your nose pin make sure your hands are washed thoroughly.
  • Avoid going swimming or any other sort of public place that can have chemicals in their water. For example, avoid going to hot tubs, rivers, and lakes.
  • Make sure your pillow cover is neat and clean and changed every day.
  • Avoid moving your nose pin until it doesn’t heal.
  • Clean your nose with saline solution. Take a pad and clean it gently.
  • Use a paper towel to dry the part of your nose that is healing.
  • Use ointments that are prescribed by the doctor.

Do Nose Piercing Have Any Adverse Effects on Your Health?

According to doctors, the nose is a very dangerous part because it’s the area between your eyebrows and upper lips. Moreover, the veins of your sinus cavity are connected through it. However, if at any point something happens to your nose it may cause a lot of damage to your overall health. 

  • Infection in Blood

According to the research your nose contains bacteria. If the person uses the equipment without sterilizing it this may cause health issues like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, and tetanus. 

  • Bleeding through the piercing place

Make sure you don’t have a blood clot if you are deciding to have a nose piercing.

  • Inhale of Jewelry Pieces

The nose pin is made up of metal so if you inhale the jewelry piece it may cause pain.

  • Keloids

Keloids are a type of symptom after piercing that causes lumps of fibrous scar tissue.

  • Nerve Damage

Some people believe that nose piercing can damage your nervous system and can cause numbness.

How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal? The Risks and After Effects.
Nose Piercing

Safety and Precautions Required While Nose Piercing

Many people ask about how long does a nose piercing take to heal. So, the answer is very simple it depends on how professional the place was from where you get the piercing. Moreover, there are a few important notes to be taken before you go for a piercing.

  • The place is licensed and the piercing guy is a professional.
  • Piercing guns and needles should be sterilized.
  • Make sure you don’t have any health issues any allergies or you are pregnant.
  • Also, sterilize your jewelry.
  • Don’t let them touch your nose without washing their hands and sterilizing gloves.
  • Deep clean your nose from alcohol or any disinfectant before and after piercing.

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How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal?

After the nose piercing you will feel a little pain. Also, the part where you have your piercing will have a little swelling, redness, and a little bleeding. This will continue for up to three weeks.

To completely heal the piercing it will take about 3-4 months. But, if you take safety and precautionary measures there are high chances that it will heal quickly.

Signs that Indicate that You Need to Visit a Doctor

Sometimes your piercing can have adverse effects on your health. If you encounter any of these symptoms make sure to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

  • Fever
  • Itching
  • Swelling with redness
  • Blood or pus coming out of the wound
  • Shivering

How Much Does a Nose Piercing Cost?

The price of nose piercing come in two procedures. One with the piercing plus the nose jewelry. Another one is the price of only piercing. Furthermore, the price of nose jewelry depends on the type of metal you choose. Some best metals that are suitable for your nose jewelry are:

  1. Titanium
  2. Solid gold
  3. Diamond
  4. Stainless steal

Which Type of Jewelry is Best After Your Nose Piercing?

Nose jewelry should be delicate and attractive. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be so large and heavy. Also, such types of jewelry can cause swelling and redness. So, in the early stages wear a light nose pin and try not to move it until it heals perfectly.

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Does Nose Piercing Close and When Can You Replace It?

Nose piercing definitely close when you left it open and do not put any piece of jewelry in it. So, make sure always you have a nose pin in the piercing else it will close.

After a complete healing process and no sign of any redness and swelling, you can change your nose piercing. However, the prescribed time is 8 months. You may change your jewelry piece after you are sure that there is no itchiness or discomfort in moving the nose pin.

Also, if you want to have complete assurance of your piercing healing you may visit your piercer.


I hope this article clears your doubts about how long does a nose piercing take to heal. On average a nose piercing should be healed in 3-4 months. If it takes more than this time you should visit your piercer. However, if it’s some kind of infection or any other discomfort you may go and visit your doctor.

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