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Hisashi Ouchi Real Photos: The Man Who Suffered Nuclear Accident & Lived 83 Days.

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Hisashi Ouchi Real Photos: The Man Who Suffered Nuclear Accident & Lived 83 Days.

Have you seen Hisashi Ouchi real photos? The man who survived a nuclear radiation accident. A 35-year-old technician Hisashi Ouchi on 30th September 1999 was working in a nuclear plant. Everything was going fine until they were ordered to mix some fuel in the plant by hand.

In history, it was the highest radiation level experienced by a human. Moreover, it was so severe that his white blood cells reached level zero. Unfortunately, he couldn’t survive. However, the hospital staff made him come back to life through machines for 83 days.

But, the question is why they wanted him. Why they kept him alive? Was it a golden chance for scientists to have a human experiment?

Furthermore, in this trending article, we go through the whole incident how it happened and why was he kept alive for 83 days.

Hisashi Ouchi Real Photos| How Did the Nuclear Radiation Accident Happened?

Hisashi Ouchi real photos of a nuclear radiation accident are available on social media as well as Reddit. However, there is no confirmation that they are real.

35 years old Ouchi was working at Tokaimura Nuclear Power Complex, Japan. On 30 September 1999, Ouchi and his two colleagues were ordered to mix fuel in the plant with hands. However, the safety precautions at the plant were zero.

As the three of them had no training they were assigned the task by JCO (Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion). Due to their lack of knowledge about chemicals they added uranium three times more into the tank.

Later, it was discovered that they even added that chemical in the wrong tank. Due to this, the gamma rays spread all over the place. Ouchi was exposed to 17 Sievert. Sievert is the unit of exposure. The higher the number higher the effect.

One of his co-workers Masato Shinohara was exposed to 10 Sieverts. However, he died in 2000 due to multiple organ failure. 

As he was standing close to the plant he got burned to the extent that his skin peeled off. Also, his white blood cells went to zero.

Immediately, he was shifted to Tokyo Hospital where he was kept alive for 83 days. On the 84th day he died due to multiple organ failure. The doctors couldn’t save him even through machines.

But the question is why do they want to save an already dead man?

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Hisashi Ouchi Real Photos: The Man Who Suffered Nuclear Accident & Lived 83 Days.
Hisashi Ouchi Real Photos

Why Hisashi Ouchi was Kept Alive for 83 Days?

A man who was torn to pieces. His skin fell off and his body was covered in blood. An accident that ended Ouchi’s life. After the accident, he was shifted to a special ward in the hospital. It was because they didn’t want the infection or any sort of disease to spread around.

The reason he was kept alive was the scientific research on the human body for nuclear radiation. Until now it was done on animals. However, this incident was a golden chance for scientists.

He also spoke to doctors and told them that he could not live like this now. Moreover, he used to suffer three heart attacks in an hour. But he had to come back to life through machines so they could experiment.

However, he survived this cruel treatment for 83 days. On December 21 he gave up on his life.

Prime Minister Statement on the Incident.

Keizo Obuchi was the president of Japan when the accident occurred. Looking at the horrific incident he said his deepest condolence to the families of victims. For next time we will take all the safety precautions.

However, this statement was words and this could never substitute the loss the families have faced.


To pen down I would say that no life is meaningless. Just a little lack of knowledge and training took the lives of three people. Hisashi Ouchi real photos from the incident are available on the internet, social media, and Reddit.

This incident is a life lesson that before handling anything that needs precaution and safety you must have knowledge. A little mistake can be so cruel. 

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