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What Is Gramho? How to Use It and Its Best Alternatives?

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What Is Gramho? How to Use It and Its Best Alternatives?

Do you know what the Gramho website is? Also, it is known as Gramhir.com. Moreover, this website allows you to go through your Instagram follower’s accounts, see what posts they like and dislike, and lastly, see who they follow. 

In short, the Gramho website allows you to analyze the profile details, interactions, and lifestyle. Also, it shows the popularity of one’s account on Instagram. Moreover, it helps you with marketing and researching social media platforms.

Furthermore, in this trending article, we talk about what Gramho or Gramhir websites are, why we use them, how to use them, their advantages, and how they work. and lastly, its alternatives.

What is Gramho or Gramhir Website?

Gramho is a website or, you can say, a tool, that is used to analyze Instagram accounts. Moreover, it gives a detailed insight into the performance and engagement of the Instagram profile. Also, Gramhir gives you tips and tricks to make your account more reachable and grow your followers.

It gives you detailed information about celebrities, magazines, companies, and other notable figures.

Why Should We Use Gramho Website? Is It Related to Instagram?

Gramho is an Instagram analyzer tool. Moreover, it shows the statistic of Instagram users. So, now let us see what the reasons we should use the Gramhir website are.

Genuine Stats

It gives you information about the following:

  • Comments on posts
  • The time between two posts
  • Account impressions and stats
  • Accurate information.
  • React to every post

Easily Accessible on Phone and Computer

You can access the Gramhir website on your phone or computer. Moreover, the result is displayed within a few minutes. It’s fast and easily accessible. There is nothing hard to understand while using the website.

Free of Cost

There are no subscription charges to use the website. Moreover, all the tools are free.

How Does Gramho Website Works?

The Gramho website works based on statistics and analysis. Moreover, there are four important things you need to keep in mind to generate good performance on your Instagram account. Here are the four types of analysis listed below.

  • Profile Analysis
  • Follower Analysis
  • Post Analysis
  • Hashtag Analysis

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How to Use Gramhir Website?

Here are a few easy steps to use the Gramhir website.

  1. Go to Gramho.com or Gramhir.com. (Both are the same.)
  2. Now, write your Instagram user account or search it by a hashtag.
  3. Click on the profile you want.
  4. On top of the page, the stats will appear.
  5. To download any IG video, photo or story, click on the download button.
  6. Now, you can use the app easily.
What Is Gramho? How to Use It and Its Best Alternatives?

Advantages of Using the Gramho Website?

The Gramhir website is a new and exciting feature for people who love to engage their accounts socially. You can view the account details easily with one click.

Here are some advantages that show why you should use the Gramho website.

Anticipate Followers and Likes

The website reveals stats like this particular amount of reach of comments and likes will appear on your post.

Download IG Videos, Pictures, and Stories

You can anonymously scroll through anybody’s account and download any photos, videos, and stories.

Scroll Anonymously

If you go through different accounts, their posts, and stories, nobody can view them. Moreover, the website hides your privacy from being public.

Accurate Statistics

Gramhir website analyzes the account and compares it with other Instagram accounts.

Best Alternatives for Gramho.

If you are not satisfied with the Gramho website for the analysis, here are some alternatives.

  • Picuki
  • InstaStory.net
  • FullInsta.com
  • Dumpor.com


Picuki.com is a free website where you can download, view, and post Instagram stories. Also, it gives you the option of editing.


Users can browse anonymously anyone’s Insta story, posts, and pictures. Also, it has the plus feature that a user can view live streaming, IGTV videos, and IG profiles.

Furthermore, to look through any specific post you can search it through hashtags.


This alternative to Gramho is a little bit interesting. Moreover, it helps you to look into someone’s account if you don’t have an IG account. You can still enjoy watching stories and posts.


Dumpor.com allows you to check the statistics of your account. Also, they show which account is more popular on Instagram. Furthermore, you can anonymously go through any account, stories, posts, and videos.


I believe now it’s clear what Gramho is. Moreover, you can say it’s a third-party app that allows you to analyze the stats of a person, celebrity, or any known person’s account. Also, it’s free, and all tools are easily accessible to the user. Moreover, there are the best alternatives for the Gramhir website, like Dumpor, Picuki, and Picdeer. Furthermore, it helps you anticipate followers and likes on a user’s Instagram.

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