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George Santo Pietro the Ex-Husband of Vanna White and American Restaurateur.

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George Santo Pietro the Ex-Husband of Vanna White and American Restaurateur.

George Santo Pietro is the ex-husband of Vanna White a famous TV personality. Apart from being in a relationship with White, he is also known for his self-owned restaurant named “Santo Pietro.” Moreover, many Hollywood celebrities have been there. Also, he works as a real estate developer and a producer.

Vanna White and Pietro also met at his restaurant where the love story begins. Moreover, the couple had a dinner date where they fell for each other for the first time.

Furthermore, in this article, we go through Pietro and White’s love life, career, and net worth.

Quick Facts about George Santo Pietro

NameGeorge Santo Pietro
Date of birth12th December, 1946
Birth PlaceBeverly Hills, California
Marital statusEx-Wife Vanna White Married to Melissa Mascari

Who is George Santo Pietro the Ex-husband of Vanna White?

Pietro was born on 12th December 1946 in Beverly Hills, California. Currently, he is 76 years old. Moreover, he belongs to American nationality. Furthermore, he belongs to the Italian ethnicity.

Apart from this, little is known about Pietro and his family background. Moreover, he came to the limelight after the successful opening of his restaurant which became a celebrity hotspot.

Also, he got highlighted when he married Vanna White.

Career Growth of Pietro in his Late 40’s.

Pietro as Restaurateur

After working odd jobs to make meet the ends Pietro in his 40s finally opened up his restaurant. Moreover, he named his restaurant Santo Pietro. The restaurant was located inside a mall in Hollywood. Due to this, he had become a well-known figure around.

As his restaurant was at its peak the customers used to wait long in Que. So, he decided to launch his new restaurant “Sushi-Ko.” The name already defines that it’s a sushi restaurant.

After, being in business for more than 10 years he decided to pursue his chances in real estate.

Pietro in Real Estate

His famous real estate building is known as “Santopietro’s.” Moreover, this business made him a lot of money and fame. 

George Santo Pietro as an Actor and Producer

Santo’s career in the entertainment industry started when he worked as a camera technician for the show “Beverly Hills 90210.” Later, he worked in other movies.

  • Interstellar
  • The Bing Bang Theory
  • Two and a Half Men
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Star Trek
  • Voyager

If we look into Pietro’s career he has done everything with courage, ambition, and enthusiasm. Moreover, he has worked hard to become an entrepreneur and live a luxurious life.

George Santo Pietro the Ex-Husband of Vanna White and American Restaurateur.
George Santo Pietro

How Is Vanna White Related to George Santo Pietro?

Before being in a relationship with Pietro White was engaged to John Gibson a restless actor. However, he died in a plane crash in 1986.

“The second I heard about it, I fell to my knees. It was just devastating,”

Santo Pietro

“I heard from so many people who had shared the same experience of losing someone instantly in an accident, and that helped me. I didn’t feel like I was alone. Because when something like that happens, you immediately think you’re the only one.”

Santo Pietro

After the loss of his late fiancé, he started dating Pietro. They met through a mutual friend on a dinner date. After dating for some years they decided to get married in 1990. Two years later White was pregnant.

The news of joy White wanted to share with the world. She announced her pregnancy in her show. However, the happiness didn’t last long and she had a miscarriage one week later.

“I so wanted to be pregnant and have a baby, so then when I finally got pregnant, I wanted to tell the world immediately,” she shared. “Obviously, I lost the baby, which was devastating after announcing it.”

Vanna White

Sadly the couple got divorced in 2002 after spending 12 years together.

Vanna then got engaged to Michael Kaye in 2004-2006.

Santo Pietro and Vanna White Children

In 12 years of relationship, the couple welcomed two children. Their eldest son is Nicholas Santo Pietro born in June 1994.

His daughter Giovanna Santo Pietro came into the world in July 1997. Moreover, she is working as a tattoo artist in Venice.

Net Worth of Pietro

If we talk about the net worth of George Santo Pietro the only real estate business gave him $50 million in 2007 for his Pietro Beverly Hills Italian Villa. Moreover, his total net worth is around $14 million.

Also, he charges monthly rent for his property around $150,000. In 2017 the market value increased to $47.5 million.

Did Pietro Get Married Again After Getting Divorced from Vanna White?

After his divorce from White, he dated Melissa Mascari for one year 2005-2005.

After three years of his divorce on October 8, 2005, he married Melissa. In 2007 they welcomed their daughter Chiara Santo Pietro. 

Is Vanna White Single?

Vanna White is now dating John Donaldson a construction company owner. They met in 2012 through mutual friends.

“He was very different from George — which was exactly what Vanna needed. He was low-key and a bit of a homebody, like she is,”

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I believe now you know about George Santo Pietro an American Restaurateur, producer, and real estate owner. Moreover, he came into the limelight due to his restaurant business and Vanna White. Vanna is his ex-wife whom he got married in 1990.

Later, the couple gave birth to two beautiful children. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last and they got divorced after 12 years.

Now, Pietro lives with Melissa Mascari and her beautiful daughter.

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