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Eczema On Lips| Symptoms, Remedies & Precautions that You Need to Know.

by Jennifer George
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Eczema On Lips| Symptoms, Remedies & Precautions that You Need to Know.

Eczema on lips also known as Eczematous Cheilitis is a skin irritation. Moreover, it causes redness, itchiness, and cracks on your lips. Furthermore, it occurs due to moisturizers or ointments that contain steroids. 

 Also, it can occur due to licking of the lips while the lipstick is put on. However, the infection can happen to anybody. There is no specific age. Also, it is not related to any sort of health issue its a natural irritation.

Furthermore, in this article, we go through the symptoms of eczema on lips, its causes, its treatment, and precautions for how to avoid it.

What is Eczema on Lips or Eczematous Cheilitis?

Eczema on the lips is a skin irritation that causes your lips to be dry and cracked. Also, it causes redness and itchiness. Furthermore, there is no specific age for eczema. It can occur to any person adult or old.

It can occur due to any external or internal issues. Like any moisturizer or licking of lipstick can cause this skin irritation. Or something that contains steroids.

How to Identify that You Have Eczema On Lips.

People who are dealing with eczema on the lips have these symptoms.

  1. Dryness
  2. Itching
  3. Redness
  4. Cracked lips 
  5. Pain
  6. A feeling of lips burning

The irritation can be caused on the external and internal sides of the mouth. Also, it can cause pigmentation. Moreover, people with fair skin can see a proper reddish mark.

What Are the Causes of Eczema On the Lips?

Eczema on the lips can be caused due to environmental or health issues. Most of the antibiotics for the skin can make your lips dry and itchy. Moreover, environmental factors like sun rays can cause dryness. Here are some more reasons for eczema.

  1. Licking of lips while the lipstick is applied.
  2. Cigarette
  3. Any moisturizer or ointment with steroids.
  4. Dry weather
  5. Dehydration
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Family history of having eczema or allergy.
  8. Stress lip biting.
Eczema On Lips| Symptoms, Remedies & Precautions that You Need to Know.
Eczema on Lips

How Should We Treat Eczema On the Lips with Easy Remedies?

Here are some very easy remedies that can help you to cure your skin irritation. Look below for the medications.

  1. Petroleum Jelly\Lip Balms
  2. A moisturizer that doesn’t contain steroids
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Avoid lip licking
  5. Vitamins
  6. Avoid using wipes

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Eczema On the Lips.

Now we discuss some precautionary measures for how to avoid skin irritation before time.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Less alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid cosmetics that have steroids.
  • Don’t eat spicy food.
  • Avoid licking your lips.
  • Use good quality mouthwash.
  • If you have stress try yoga.
  • No cigarette smoking.

How Long Does Eczema on the Lips Take to Heal?

If you take your medications properly, it will be cured soon. However, if you are not seriously looking after your irritation then it will take time.

Furthermore, if it takes more than four weeks you should visit a skin specialist.

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Eczema on lips is a condition in which you have dry, red, and itched lips. Moreover, it can occur due to frequent cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, licking lipstick, and hormonal changes. You can avoid these by using petroleum jelly /lip Balms, a moisturizer that doesn’t contain steroids, or coconut oil, avoid lip licking, and vitamins, and avoid using wipes

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