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Debra Jeter Texas Case | Mother Who Killed Her Daughters 

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Debra Jeter Texas Case | Mother Who Killed Her Daughters

The most horrifying call in the history of 911. “I just killed my children.” Yes! I am talking about the Debra Jeter Texas, case. The same incident happened on June 5, 2009. 

A story that frightened every person who listened to it. Can you believe that a mother killed her daughters? I couldn’t until I read about the horrific incident. Debra Jeter stabbed both her daughters. Kelsey, age 12, died on the spot. However, Kiersten, age 13, underwent life-saving surgery. 

But the interesting question is how did Kiersten survive? Who helped her at the crime scene? To know who saved her life, read the trending article below. 

The Debra Jeter Taxes Case | Who is Debra Jeter?

A mother who is popularly known for the Debra Jeter taxes case. An incident that created a horrifying effect on parents and children. 

Jeter was born on November 20, 1962, in Randolph County, Georgia. Moreover, she worked as a program specialist at West Georgia Technical College. 

It was the same place where she met Lee, her husband. 

Married Life of Jeter | Why Did Couple Divorce? | Is Jeter Mentally Ill?

Lee, also known as Lester Jeter, was the husband of Debra. Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t last long and filed for divorce in 2009.

The couple was blessed with two daughters, Kelsey and Kiersten. 

However, the couple wasn’t living in peace. Neighbors used to complain about disturbing noises coming from their houses. 

On May 31, 2009, Debra tried to commit suicide. Her daughters were witnesses to the incident. Looking at her deteriorating health, Lee decided to restrain her. He filed a complaint in court. 

Why was Debra Jeter Not Allowed to meet her Daughters? 

In 2004, she tried to end her life. However, she wasn’t successful. To protect his kids, Lee asked the court to put away their mother. 

Debra then went to a mental health hospital. In the meantime, Lee took temporary custody of both her daughters. 

However, later, the court upheld all the charges against Debra. Thinking that her daughters are unattended and need supervision.

The court allowed Debra to visit her daughters. Can you imagine for a second, a mother who abused her daughters being granted bail? A mother who tried to kill herself is capable of raising two daughters. 

Because, in my opinion, people like Debra need supervision under strict rules. They can harm anyone without thinking. These types of people are a threat to society and their families.

Do let me know what you think by commenting below but make sure to read the next part of the story and then decide whether she deserves a chance to be free or not.

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Debra Jeter Taxes Case | 911 Call that Made Everyone Frightened | “I killed my children” 

Just think for a minute that you hear somebody saying, “I killed my children.” What comes to your mind? I thought that I was mistaken but no, this is a true incident—the “Debra Jeter Taxes” case that 911 has witnessed. 

It makes me frightened as I think about how painful it would be. The little girls, ages 12 and 13, were murdered. 

On June 5, 2009, Debra took her daughters from Lee. The two little, adorable princesses were so happy to meet their mother. However, nobody knew what she was up to.

After leaving their father’s place, Debra took the two little ones to an abandoned house in a rural area. 

As soon as they arrive at the home. Debra took out a knife and went to kill Kiersten first. Looking at her mother, she yelled. She asked her younger sister, Kelsey, to run. 

Kelsey was afraid and didn’t want to leave her sister alone. When Debra tried to kill Kelsey, Kiersten was stabbed in the back while protecting her. 

As my hand shivers writing this, Debra has no feelings or warmth for her children. She took the knife again. And I cut down Kelsey’s throat brutally. 

She died on the spot. Moreover, she did the same thing with Kiersten. She was pleading with her mother to save her life. 

At this moment, Debra called 911 and confessed that “I killed my children.” Also, she asked to send help to one of her daughters, who is fighting for her life. 

Debra Jeter Texas Case | Mother Who Killed Her Daughters
Debra Jeter Texas Case

The 911 Call | Debra Jeter Confession | Saving the Life of Kiersten Jeter

After killing her daughters, Debra called 911. She confessed that she was unarmed. Not to shoot. Also, she confessed that she had killed her daughter Kelsey. However, Kiersten requires immediate assistance. She has lost a lot of blood. 

On the call, operators could hear Jeter comforting Kiersten to “hold on.” 

Further, they added, 

“She’s asking to be saved and I couldn’t handle that and so now…” 

“It’s been a long time. She might already die because she’s bled out a lot and—hold on, what baby? What did you say? I’m on the phone with 911. Debra said, ‘Please hurry.’

Debra Jeter

When police reached the crime scene, Debra surrendered herself. Police found Kelsey dead. However, Kiersten was still alive, holding onto life. 

She was airlifted to Dallas Hospital. She went to surgery to save her life. 

Now the question is why did a mother kill her two daughters? Was she mentally sick?

I think that, of course, a mother who killed her daughter is mentally sick. And needs to be put in a mental hospital. 

Debra Jeter Taxes Case | Court Orders | Sentence to Lifetime Prison 

Debra was charged with murder and attempted murder. In this incident, they lost Kelsey Jeter. However, Kiersten survived. But this incident will follow her for her entire life. 

Whoever has heard about the Debra Jeter Texas case was terrified. Nobody could believe that this was a true story. 

The court ordered a sentence of life imprisonment. Looking at the severity of the crime, the court set her bond at $1.5 million. 

However, to avoid the death penalty, she was offered a deal.

She will spend her life in prison without parole. So she will not be hanged to death. Debra accepted the deal. 

Before leaving for the Gatesville prison facility, she met her family. I think I shouldn’t say family. Because she is such an emotionless mother. 

However, she met Lee and Kiersten. Yes! Kiersten, who survived her mother’s stabbing, According to reports, she asked for an apology. 

But I don’t think a person like her should ever be forgiven. Also, she added that she did this all to lessen the pain for her family. 

She told me that she did it because she didn’t want the girls to go through the pain of the divorce and custody battle. She thought sharing the pain with everyone was the best way to handle the situation.”


Debra Jeter Taxes Case Victims Life Now | Where are Debra Jeter and Lee Jeter?

The Debra Jeter Taxes case was closed after court orders. Jeter was moved to Gatesville Prison. She can never be out on parole. Moreover, she has to spend her life there now.

If we talk about Kiersten, A brave girl survived. Also, she is determined to come back stronger and is in the healing process. 

Lee Jeter moved on in life. He got married again. 

I know that nobody in the Jeter family will ever get out of this trauma. However, they will try every day to find happiness. Maybe one day they will finally forget who Debra Jeter was. 

I believe people like Debra should be put in a mental hospital. After complete therapy and assistance, they should be released. So that we never witness a case like the Debra Jeter Taxes case again. 


I believe now you know why I said to read all about the Debra Jeter Taxes case. And then decide whether she deserves to be set free by the court. 

A mother who killed her two daughters. Kelsey, who was 12 years old. The throat was cut down. And she lost her life on the spot. However, Kiersten was 13 years old. Moreover, she was stabbed in the back. While saving her younger sister. However, she survived because 911 arrived on time.

Debra was the person who called 911 and confessed that she killed her children. Also, she said that Kiersten requires medical assistance immediately. 

On June 5, 2009, she surrendered herself to the police. She confesses that she committed this crime to save her family from pain. 

But I don’t think people like Debra should be left out of society. Because of her divorce and mental health. She took the life of Kelsey. Her daughter. 

Also, people like her should be hanged to death. If you agree, let me know by commenting. Also, share your thoughts on the incident. 

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