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How To Cancel Navigation Manually & Through Google Assistant?

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How To Cancel Navigation Manually & Through Google Assistant?

Have there ever been times when you were using navigation while driving and wished you could cancel navigation? You simply wanted to stop using the navigation, right? For that, you may learn how to accomplish it easily from this article.

Google Helper is unquestionably a real helper that greatly improves our lives. Hence, it does everything from bringing up quick information to It includes the internet for scheduling activities, setting timers and alarms, playing your favorite music, and assisting you with specific tasks on your device. Google Assistant is an easy way to turn off navigation while driving.

Discover how to cancel navigation manually and through Google Assistant in this trending article.

How To Cancel Navigation Manually On Google Maps?

The actions below is to follow if you want to change your route and cancel navigation before you get to your intended destination:

  • Launch the Main Menu.     
  • Pick the present route
  • Choose a Clear Route

Later, your navigation system will no longer direct you to a destination once a route gets clear. Moreover, it will merely display your location on a map.

How to Begin Your Navigation Through Google Assistant?

You may accomplish tasks while driving by using Google Assistant in driving mode. With your voice, you may read and send messages, place calls, and manage media. To apply that, follow the steps below.

  • Switch To driving mode
  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Select Settings > Navigation Settings > Google Assistant Settings by tapping your profile image or starting Settings.
  • Activate the driving mode.
  • Turn on Google Assistant.
  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Install Google Assistant if you have not done so already.
  • Get there by using a map. You can also tell Google, “Ok, navigate me home.”
  • When in navigation mode, simply say “Ok Google” or tap the assistant microphone.
  • Inquire using Google Assistant
How To Cancel Navigation Manually & Through Google Assistant?
Cancel Navigation

How To Disable Google Assistant While Maintaining Navigation?

Say “Mute voice guidance” to stop spoken directions while still viewing the map’s instructions. This command turns off the navigation function’s speech component. But you still get mapping instructions on your screen. Also, say “Unmute voice guidance” to bring back the voice prompts.

How To Cancel Navigation By Using Google Assistant?

Tell Google Assistant to cancel your navigation.

Asking Google Assistant to cancel navigating is the simplest way to do so. Simply say, “Hey Google, cancel navigation,” or “Hey Google, stop navigation.” Thus, this will halt the current voice directions and Google Maps.

Use Google Maps up arrow.

Furthermore, if speaking to your gadget makes you uncomfortable, you may also swipe up on Google Maps to cancel the navigation. The instructions interface will then be on display. Yet, next to the “Start” button, press the “Stop” option. After this, the navigation will terminate.

Tell Google Assistant to Finish the Route

To cancel the navigation, you can also end the route for the current trip. Tap the “X” button in the top left corner of Google Maps to accomplish this. This will display the list of instructions.

  • The menu will then be accessible by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “End Route” from the menu.
  • Navigation and any audio directions you were receiving will then stop working.

Disable GPS

Turn off GPS if you do not want Google Assistant to follow your whereabouts.

Go to Settings > Location > GPS on the majority of Android smartphones and turn it off. Therefore, this will suspend navigation and totally disable location tracking.

Tell Google Assistant Shut down Google Maps

Moreover, Google Maps can be simply closed as a last resort if none of these strategies succeeds. To see all open apps, slide up on the app switcher. To close Google Maps, swipe up. Navigation and any voice directions you were receiving will stop as a result.

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In conclusion, based on your preferences, there are many different ways to cancel navigation using Google Assistant or Manually. Asking Google Assistant to cease navigating, ending the route, turning off GPS, or closing Google Maps are all options. Try out these techniques to see which one suits you the best.

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