Home Health Beer Before Liquor or Liquor Before Beer? What’s the Myth All About?

Beer Before Liquor or Liquor Before Beer? What’s the Myth All About?

by Jennifer George
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Beer Before Liquor or Liquor Before Beer? What’s the Myth All About?

Beer before liquor? What is this phrase all about?  Moreover, this is an idea to avoid hangovers and take your drinks in a specific order. But most people say it as “Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” However, many people are still questioning whether there is any research on it or whether it’s just a myth created by people. 

Furthermore, in this article, we talk about where the phrase originated. Moreover, is there any truth that these myths hold? Also, how drinking affects your health.

How and When Beer Before Liquor Phrase Originated?

The phrase beer before liquor is a very popular saying around the world. However, nobody knows from where the phrase came.

There is a supposition that if you start drinking fewer alcoholic drinks that will not cause you a hangover. That means drink that has less alcohol in them. Like starting with beer, and wine and then slowly progressing through the night.

Also, if you feel a hangover the next morning that’s probably because of your drinking disorder.

There is another myth that says liquor has a high alcohol content that spikes blood alcohol levels as compared to beer. So if you finish off your drinking with beer it’s better because it slows down the level of your blood alcohol. 

So, these types of myths and phrases originated from people who have drinking experiences and have hangovers.

Beer Before Liquor or Liquor Before Beer? What’s the Myth All About?

What are the Disadvantages of Beer before liquor on Your Health?

Drinking has a bad effect on your health all over. It affects your lungs and it leads to heart diseases. Moreover, we will look into some factors that can cause you a hangover.

  • Empty Stomach Drinking can Affect Your Intestines

If you take alcohol empty stomach it will directly hit your intestines and it will cause a spike in your alcohol blood level.

  • Frequent Drinking Leads to High Blood Levels

People who drink often have a high chance of reaching their blood alcohol level in a few drinks. That means they can have higher chances of having a hangover.

  • Slow Down Your Body Metabolism

Higher consumption of alcohol can slow down your metabolism like less sleep, sugar level, and heart attack.

  • Substances like “Congeners” Create Hangover

A substance called Congeners is found in alcoholic drinks that lead to hangovers. Moreover, if a drink has a higher rate of substance then there are higher chances of a hangover.  

  • How Much is Alcohol Intake?

If you drink alcohol on a daily basis then it spikes your blood level which leads to a hangover. However, people who drink on special occasions have low blood levels.

Beer Before Liquor or Liquor Before Beer? What’s the Myth All About?
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The phrase beer before liquor is a myth. There is no such thing that if you have a beer before having liquor there will be no hangover. However, one reason for your hangover can be unlimited drinks. Also, to avoid a hangover do not take drinks empty stomach, while smoking, and drinking every day.

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