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Back Dimple Piercing: Procedure, Healing Period, and Precautions.

by Jennifer George
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Back Dimple Piercing: Procedure, Healing Period, and Precautions.

What is back dimple piercing? A type of piercing done on your waist’s lower back. Moreover, if we see deeply, it is the area where your pelvis and spine meet. Some people prefer a pair of piercing and some go for a single piercing. Also, some people call this piercing ‘Venus Piercing.’

Apart from this, the piercing looks bomb on right above your bum. It’s classy and eye-catching if you wear low jeans. However, if you wear jeans and it gets rubbed off it may cause irritation and itching. So, for a few months, you must be very careful and take care of your piercing.

Furthermore, in this article, we talk about the procedure of back dimple piercing, does it hurt, precautionary measures dos and don’ts after the piercing, healing time, how much it costs, risks of back piercing, and the type of jewelry one should use to avoid any health issues.

Back Dimple Piercing Step-by-Step Procedure.

Back dimple piercing is also referred to as dermal piercing. Moreover, dermal piercing is a type of piercing that has a single point, there is no entry or exit point.

  1. The very first thing before starting the procedure is to check the professional license of the piercer. Secondly, all the equipment used by him should be sterilized.
  2. Here are some important points to look for when you go for a piercing:
  3. The very first step when you enter the place is they ask you for your ID card. Moreover, they ask for it to make sure you are eligible for piercing and ask you to fill in the paperwork.
  4. The next, step is they take you to the room and check up on the piercing place is it good to go or not.
  5. After, checking then they clean the area with disinfectant.
  6. By using a marker they pinpoint the piercing points.
  7. Next, they will pierce the first point and insert the piece of jewelry then the second one to completely insert it from both sides.
  8. Thoroughly clean up the piercing place with a disinfectant.
  9. Carefully, take instructions for the healing and medication process.

Is Back Dimple Piercing Painful?

Most people have this question that is back dimple piercing painful? So, the answer is yes it is. When a needle is inserted through your skin it hurts definitely. Also, it depends on the level of pain tolerance a person has. However, a piercing takes less than a minute. So, one minute of pain is I think bearable.

Also, an important thing is that pain also depends upon your piercer method and technique.

Precautionary Measures After Piercing.

No doubt back dimple piercing looks classy and cool with short jeans and a top. But it can cause serious damage to your piercing if not taken care of. Here are some precautionary Do’s and Don’ts for you to take care of your piercing. 

  1. Before touching your pierced area wash your hands with soap.
  2. Regularly clean your pierced area with saline water three or four times a day.
  3. Avoid taking baths to prevent bacteria, prefer taking showers.
  4. To clean the piercing area use a paper towel and just pat on the area no rubbing.
  5. Change your bed sheets regularly.
  6. Try wearing loose and comfortable clothes.
  7. Sleep on your side.

Things You Need to Avoid After Piercing.

There are a few tips you need to know to avoid any damage to your piercing.

  1. Don’t touch your piercing with dirty or unwashed hands.
  2. Clean the area with alcoholic pads.
  3. Take medication like lotion or something that soothes the area around the piercing.
  4. Avoid going into pools and bathtubs to avoid bacteria.
  5. Removing jewelry or frequently changing it.
  6. Avoid clothing that is too tight and will rub off on the jewelry.

Sign that Shows Piercing is Infected or Damaged.

If you feel irritation, swelling, or redness, immediately talk to a healthcare person. Moreover, if it worsens, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Here are some symptoms that show you need a doctor’s supervision:

  • Pus discharge
  • Pain and swelling
  • Redness and itching
  • Fever and flu

Also, if there is some issue with your jewelry you need to fix it up like the jewelry is not in the pierced place or hanging with the hole.

How Much Healing Time is Required After Back Dimple Piercing?

Back dimple piercing healing time is up to 1-3 months. Furthermore, it can take up to 6 months to completely heal. It depends on how much you are taking precautionary measures, the type of jewelry, and the piercing.

How Much Does Back Dimple Piercing Cost?

Back dimple piercing costs around $70 to $100. It can vary from person to person. Furthermore, some piercing doesn’t include the jewelry in this cost. Moreover, if you want to buy the piece so metal costs you around $100. However, on average it costs you $10 to $30.

Back Dimple Piercing: Procedure, Healing Period, and Precautions.
Back Dimple Piercing

Risks of Back Piercing that Can Affect Your Health.

Back Dimple Piercing is a very crucial piercing. If it is damaged a little it can cause you various problems. There are problems such as:

  • Skin infection if the piercing is not done correctly.
  • Tissue damage due to needle.
  • Displacement of Jewelry if its slips into your skin somewhere.
  • Rubbing off your clothes can cause ripping.

Type of Jewelry You Can Use After Piercing.

You can use different types of jewelry and nail your back piercing in public. Here is a list of options you can have:

  • Titanium is the best option to wear because it gives you fewer skin problems. Also, it is much suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Niobium is the second-best option after titanium. Moreover, it is much cheaper than titanium. Also, the metal doesn’t corrode.
  • Stainless Steel is a very much popular choice of piercing jewelry that prevents you from an allergic reaction.
  • Gold is not a choice anyone would like to have on a back piercing. Also, it’s too costly and will not be much reliable for back piercing.

Type of Metal You Should Avoid Wearing in Your Piercing.

According to AAD “The American Academy of Dermatology Association,” 18 percent of people have a nickel allergy. So it’s best to avoid nickel in your piercing jewelry choice.  Also, some piercers offer you metal with a mixing of nickel it is safe to even not go for this option.

Back Dimple Piercing: Procedure, Healing Period, and Precautions.
back dimple piercing

When You Should Change Your Back Dimple Piercing?

Once your piercing is healed completely you feel no redness and itching which means it’s healed. Now, you may change the piercing jewelry. But make sure you do not try this at home. For this purpose go back to your piercer and ask him to change for you the piercing. 

Procedure to Close Your Back Piercing.

If you have now decided to say goodbye to your back dimple piercing for any reason you need to consult the professional. For this, you may go back to the piercer and ask him to remove the piercing. Moreover, he will take out the jewelry piece and with time it will close

There is a high chance that there will be a scar from the piercing.

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I hope this article gives you all the insight into back dimple piercing. The procedure of piercing, its healing time which is 1-3 months. Moreover, it tells that you need to moisturize the pierced area to avoid any irritation and redness. Furthermore, the type of jewelry is very important to keep you away from any infection or allergy.

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