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Awesome Tanks 2 | How To Advance In This Fighting Game?

by Charlotte Isabella
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Awesome Tanks 2 | How To Advance In This Fighting Game?

Awesome Tanks 2 is a compelling fighting game.  Further, Alexander Gette developed it and Mad Buffer made its version after the success of Awesome Tanks 1, launched in July 2012.

Thus, to complete each level, your job is to eliminate opposing tanks, gather cash, and take down the enemy base. Gather cash to upgrade your tank’s armor, guns, visibility, and other features along the way.

You may destroy enemy tanks with cannons, flamethrowers, lasers, missiles, and more with weapon upgrades. Moreover, to increase your battle prowess, do not forget to update your weapons. You need to improve your tank’s capabilities, notably its armor, which will shield it from powerful fire. Moving quickly is also helpful for dodging. Especially, while facing approaching projectiles.

You will be enclosed by darkness at every level. Yet, you will have to get there and look around. The issue is that hostile tanks are hiding behind each turn, so you best stay vigilant. Also, you must eliminate all adversaries to advance to the next level.

Furthermore, to obtain extra coins, you can destroy the nearby boxes. The containers are always necessary; gather them all to increase your power. However, perhaps it is a trap or a bomb; run away from it right away.

Did you find it exciting? Read more to know how to play this game and its tactics.

How To Play Awesome Tanks 2 Game Online?

Playing Obliterate Tanks

With no money at the beginning of the game, you must advance by detonating enemy trucks and gathering currency. Besides, you will receive the coins you collected to upgrade your equipment and performance after each level.

Boost Your Arsenal

With the weapons upgrades, you can experience the excitement of destroying tanks with cannons, flamethrowers, laser beams, rockets, and more.

Moreover, the performance enhancements, especially the armor, will help keep your tank safe from intense fire. Similarly, helpful for avoidance is movement speed, especially when facing homing missiles.

Awesome Tanks 2 | How To Advance In This Fighting Game?
Awesome Tanks 2

Traverse The Levels

Each level becomes slightly more difficult and offers better rewards for upgrading. Still, it is imperative to get upgrades so you can combat the super-tanks with substantially higher HP. And an ever-increasing military presence. You can alter the difficulty level if it is too challenging!

Earn Accomplishments

Do not be shy about flashing off the tank’s kill total and overall amounts of destruction inflicted in the Awesome Tanks 2 stats menu. Even, the stats menu will also display your accomplishments.

How Many Levels Are There In This Game?

You must complete 15 intense stages in Awesome Tanks 2 to win, the same as Awesome Tanks 1. Merely none of the levels is a rehash of their predecessors; each one is entirely original. All new maps, but the basic game concept is the same.

What Distinguishes Awesome Tanks 2 From Awesome Tanks 1?

The developer was careful to stay close to the original Awesome Tanks. But as was already noted, they gave players 15 brand-new maps to enjoy.

However, there are also a few new upgrades that we hope gamers will like in addition to this. This is particularly so in the area of weapons. Where we have provided gamers with four new means of destruction for amusement. Still, you have the original weaponry. For some explosive gaming, they recently included a few new ones, such as a flamethrower and some mines.

What Is The Best Weapon In This Game?

Undoubtedly, the response may be a little bit tricky because various weapons have various functions.

The laser’s steady stream of damage makes it maybe the best weapon against massive hordes of approaching tanks. No need to save ammunition; simply point at the assailants and watch them vanish into obscurity.

Although the Railgun has a bit more power. Yet there is a limited supply of ammo, and players must still be able to hit moving targets. If you have an exceptional target, the railgun is probably preferable. If you are still not a skilled shooter, a laser gun might be a better option for you. So, it essentially comes down to personal preference.

When Was Awesome Tanks 2 Released?

As mentioned, in July 2012 Awesome Tanks got out. Which was the sequel to the original game in the series. Following fan feedback, the developer immediately started work on Awesome Tanks 2. That was published on numerous well-known computer game websites about ten years later.

What Can Be The Best Alternative Of This Game?

If you like Awesome Tanks 2, you might also like Moto X3M or Run. Therefore, Hexanaut.io and Curve Ball 3D are two fresh games that we recommend if you are looking for some lesser-known skill games.

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In the tank game Awesome Tanks 2, you engage in combat alongside other tanks within a top-down, 2D environment. Strategically swerve to find cover, and then unleash your cannons to destroy the enemy tanks. The action moves quickly and is compelling.

Although the arrow buttons or WASD can be used to move your tank. Use your mouse to aim and shoot your tank. To pass each stage, defeat opposing tanks, gather coins, and take out the enemy base. Spend your money carefully to give your tank greater weaponry, armor, visibility, and other upgrades.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain rewards as you advance. The game’s difficulty is selectable. Hence, Play as hard as you can; your accomplishments will be recognized.

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